Volume one, Number six

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0 But for the work I've taken on · Sto · star maker machine e popular song ut features double electric guitars (Jose Feliciano and Larry Carlton) that Joni's new on top of a light acoustic rhythm., released on the same day as the . "People's Parties!' follows, a . .- Dylan LP (coming in the balancing diversionary pasttimes (pe _s .first tour in seven years) parties) against the underlying s rt of ov wed. Not this repressed dispair in this song an

longing request for release in the fin "Same Situation" which ends: I called out to be released Caught in my 'struggle for _.:,achievement , And my search for love t don't seem to cease -a lesser extent "Car on a Hill") an~ me more standard Joni Mitchell thin · "Troubled Child" and "Just Like Train," ("Counting lovers like cars") are metaphoric . pictur~oems se! to music. "Down on, Ygu" ·s a long ana pleasant piano and orc!'fiestra song ·c yrics on what it's Ii~e is a mixture, including a little roll ("Raised on Robbery" and


~ C:Ot! rts for g time, (including

oni, who I ti4 first time I o{e at Klein _

on February 11, f cqurtesy of Festival East) has changed her I st~'le a little. Her voice has improved a bit and she has tightened up her 'ngirtg"'style. f In adc.ition, the i: oftef\ lush, and V e. O f' may i:qstress so old fans I\ preferrl d her ~ hell at her ' most accessable, anhost commercial. ' The single from the -album, "Raised on 'R.obbecy," is one of ·her tightest pop 1 compositions and sports the ever popular 11,· Andrews sisters har\ onies -and a genuine / rock 'n' roll arrangl ent with so I Robbie Robertson tast · · f hit, and the album will ' it. , , '. ' side one of F lyrically mpl "some newfans. ' ' I Court an ct,Spar . . . '

is in Wha ,,h.eard it yet.

' Over all, it sdu you'd expect Dylan Band t sound. (For reference, see t~ four Isle o Wight cuts on Self Portrait and their thre songs on the Col half of th

"Tribute to Woqd or some of the a oduction i's

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