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How I Fell in LoveWith Skiing

Recently, Renee pulled up an old video of me going down the bunny hill during our first ski trip together. That was the first time I’d ever been on skis. I remember feeling like I was going too fast and could lose control at any second. However, the video proves I was inching down the slope, taking every turn as slow as possible. This month, Renee and I will be going on our annual ski trip. It’s a little wild to think I have an annual ski trip because, until about six years ago, I had never gone skiing in my life. The first time I strapped on a pair of skis was the first winter after Renee and I met. Renee also didn’t start skiing until she was an adult, but by the time we got together, she was well-acquainted with the mountain. She dragged me out to Colorado to go skiing together at Winter Park Resort. The very first day I went skiing, I took a group lesson while Renee hit the slopes by herself for a while. I don’t know howmuch the lesson helped, but I least I didn’t feel totally helpless. I learned a lot more by skiing with Renee after the lesson. She took it easy on me —we stuck to the green circle slopes — but she still forced me to go outside my comfort zone. Renee made me keep my skis parallel as I went down the slope rather than in the pizza triangle shape beginners rely on to go slow. While I wouldn’t say I had fun on that first ski trip, I had moments when I did have a good time. It was fun enough for me to agree to come out again. Two years later, Renee and I went skiing in Breckenridge. That trip had more fun times and slightly fewer frustrating times than our first trip. The next year we went to Park City Mountain in Utah. It was that Park City trip that really helped me fall in love with skiing. Once I got past being a beginner who tripped over his own skis, I started to really look forward to our February ski trips. Since then, we’ve been to Telluride, Vail, and Whistler Ski Resorts. It’s always a blast. There’s nothing like sitting on the lift and seeing the mountain covered in fresh snow beneath a bright blue sky.

see little kids all bundled up and learning to ski in group lessons. It’s super cute! I’m excited for Audrey to be part of that. It will be interesting to see how she does. She’s cautious when it comes to new things, so she might not love it at first, but I can see her really liking skiing once she gets the hang of it. If you’ve never been skiing but have a significant other who wants to drag you up the mountain, here’s my advice. First, take a group lesson. They’ll cover all the basics, and falling with a group of beginners is a much better first experience than struggling to get down the mountain with your friend. That said, as soon as you can get down the bunny slope without falling, I recommend pushing yourself a little and joining your friend on the easier hills. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone. Be warned, the first trip probably won't be much fun, but if you had even just a second of fun while going down the mountain, make a promise to go back. Skiing is one of those activities where you have to be at least a little skilled in order to have any fun. If you can build those skills, I promise you’ll have a much better time.

Living in Texas where we rarely get snow, we know it’s fun to get away to a cold, winter wonderland once a year. I’d never want to live in a place with such cold winters, but taking a ski trip with my wife is always a great way to wrap up the season.

Audrey hasn’t joined us on the slopes yet — the kids’ lessons don’t start until age 3 — but we’re looking forward to taking her up there with us. We always

–Dr. Seth Evans

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