American Consequences - February 2019


kindergarten issue, but I remember that when my kids were that age I would have gladly paid to get them out of the house for a few hours every day. Re: ‘Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?’ Loved the article... well written... and freeing. Freeing from those who frequently warn my wife and me about our sun-loving habits. My father and mother both worked outside a lot... much sun exposure... and I grew up living summers in shorts and mostly no shirt. My dad and mom lived into their late 90s... I’m going for the same... – Dennis S. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Dennis, in a free society, we expect people to have enough sense to come in out of the rain... and the sun. I’m trusting that you’re a better judge of what’s good for you than some government bureaucracy. (Even though, as a pigment-free Irishman, I wear SPF 1000.)

I don’t often comment on American Consequences but I do read almost every word. However, when I read the [article] I was thrilled to discover there are some in the medical profession that can still see the blindingly obvious – we didn’t come to Earth from somewhere else. We evolved here and we’re fully equipped by nature to live here. Now if only some similar ‘big picture’ thinking could enter the American Psychological Association, things may start looking up. – Paul J. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Paul, it is possible however that psychologists did arrive here from a different planet. Re: Fair Reporting? I’ve read several reviews of American Consequences and the consensus is you and your letter are biased very far to the “right.” In my experience, the conservative movement has no allegiance to facts, unbiased and honest reporting. I will read and authenticate your blog and if you are found biased toward known liars and miscreants, I will report it to all. I consider this a fair deal. – Rick H. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Have at it, Rick. Although I do wonder if you’ve ever really had a heart-to-heart talk with any regular old “small-c” conservatives – I’ll bet there are some among your friends, relatives, and co-workers. Nonetheless, I’ll give you this: people who get too wound up in political “movements” of any kind tend to loosen their grip on the facts.


February 2019

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