American Consequences - February 2019



Biggest Scam Against the American People


This is the story of your enslavement. For many decades in America, the harder you worked, the wealthier you got. But then, something magical and disastrous happened. An event most Americans don’t know about or remember. So today you owe money on your house, your car, and your credit card. You’ve got nothing saved. And you haven’t PILI[QOVQÅKIV\ZIQ[MQVaMIZ[ But this was no accident.

It’s part of a scam hatched 46 years ago by some of the most despicable characters in American history. But what can you do to save yourself ? A reclusive multi-millionaire, who lives on a 100-acre farm, is helping thousands see the light and set themselves free. His approach may or may not be right for you. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF ON HIS WEBSITE, HERE.

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