American Consequences - February 2019


W hether it’s selling too soon or riding a loser too long, emotional investing can sink your portfolio... and break your heart. And while no one wants to lose money in the markets, the reality is you will lose. A bad earnings report, another data breach, or an actual bear market... at some point something is going to give. This month, we’re taking a look at what happens when folks invest with their hearts instead of their heads... When you love an investment so much, you pull your stops and ride it to the bottom because this time is different... Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke gets to the root of fear and greed in life and the markets... and makes the case for sympathy over empathy with a little help from Bush, Bezos, and Bubba... Featured contributor Andrew Ferguson examines the Left’s obsession with social “science”... Former congressman Ron Paul warns us about a $22 trillion problem we should be afraid of...

Journalist Alice B. Lloyd reports on the eccentric and often erratic Elon Musk and his quest to “save the world”... Former CIA analyst Buck Sexton spends time with Roger Stone and tells us what’s really driving the Russia investigation... Toledo resident John Feddereke takes a closer look at his hometown’s rising “Hipster Economy”... Author and former trader 8YVRI])YǺ tells us why reading people is as important to investing as reading data... Some of our favorite market analysts and editors share their most memorable – and emotional – tales from the trading room floor... And our resident anonymous Book Grump reviews and rips the latest best-selling business books. We’ve uploaded a PDF suitable for printing to our archive page. And tell us what you think at feedback@ Regards, Steven Longenecker Publisher, American Consequences


February 2019

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