American Consequences - February 2019



Right Now, America Is on the Verge of a Breakdown


You probably don’t know me, but I work at the largest underground media network in America. We have 2.7 million subscribers – making us bigger than the Wall Street Journal . Yet, most Americans have never heard of us. And we intended to keep it that way... until recently... ...when I decided to leak a story that you are not being told by the media. It concerns the civil unrest in our streets, race, inequality, drugs, and the US economy. .ZIVSTaaW]UIaÅVL[WUMWN Q\W ٺ MV[Q^M But I do think it’s important you at least give it a look. Our country is about to confront IVM_KWVÆQK\\PI\_QTTLMÅVMW]ZTQ^M[NWZ decades to come. As you might imagine, sharing information

of this nature does not make us popular. In fact, we’ve been attacked before. 7]ZW ٻ KM[PI^MJMMV[M\WVÅZM7]Z content has been targeted by corrupt politicians and banned by some major corporate media outlets. You may not have a chance to see this again. Click here to see it now. You risk nothing doing so. 1PI^MQV[\Z]K\MLUa[\I ٺ \WZM[MZ^MI[XMKQIT limited edition guide to this coming crisis for anyone who reads the letter. But be warned, we only have a few thousand remaining and I expect well over a thousand people will see this message today. Do not wait. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

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