American Consequences - February 2019

Buck Sexton

“Y ou absolutely must wear a belt with a suit,” Roger Stone told me recently. We were making small talk right before taping on my show, and Roger was cordial if a bit eccentric. The famously foppish Stone brushed aside the sartorial opinion, more commonly held in Europe than in America, that a well-tailored suit does not necessarily require a belt. “Nonsense,” Roger said. “Always wear a belt.” One thing is for sure – the guy doesn’t lack confidence in his opinions or his dress code. He was also very casual for a guy who knew then that the Special Counsel investigating Russian interference in U.S. elections was looking to destroy him. Somehow this veteran political consultant,

lobbyist, and reputed “dirty trickster” had gotten pulled into the most sweeping, hyper- partisan federal investigation since Watergate. This is quite a feat, as Roger was also a part of shadowy Nixon's political machine that led to Watergate back in 1972. History has come full circle. Stone seems to have a sense of his own destiny in the American political realm. I’ve interviewed Roger Stone twice. The first time, via Skype in June 2018, he made no secret of the fact that the Special Counsel’s team had him in its sight. He always carries himself with some flair and bravado, but his insouciance at the prospect of federal criminal charges was still surprising. I sat down with Stone again in late January, a few days after his arrest when Mueller’s Special Counsel sent dozens of federal agents to his home in Florida in a pre-dawn raid.


February 2019

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