American Consequences - February 2019

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the rise in global sea level if oceans were beer. People who attempted to fix the snow blower while it was still running. You used to know a lot of people like that. You don’t know them anymore. They’re dead. And you’re not... thanks to fear. Investing is not a game of one-man basketball. The better metaphor is cooking. Of course, there’s greed and fear involved in that too, especially if you’re a glutton eater and a frightful cook the way I am. Where the heck is the top to the blender? Well, a piece of Saran wrap will probably do... How was I supposed to know you can’t microwave raw eggs? Darn it, the pilot light’s out. I’ll just poke my head into the oven with my Bic and... You’re afraid you can’t afford the grocery bill. You’re afraid you didn’t get the right ingredients. You’re afraid you’ll poison your family. (What’s the date on this can of beans? 2012? Wasn’t 2012 a good vintage year for beans?) But most of the time the “Fear and Greed of Cooking” works out just fine. You feed your family. When you follow the greed and fear recipe, you’re using just the right mixture of liking and wanting, of causing to strive and desire, of grace and favor (a pinch of luck), plus a dash of trepidations, apprehensions, misgivings, and qualms to keep you from cooking up something stupid. Dig in .

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