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J anuary 2020

F inding the C hange Y ou N eed Don’t Stay in the Same Place Forever

2019 is over, which means one decade has come to an end and another has just begun. When I look over the past 10 years, I feel like so much has happened; it’s hard to place what happened when. As the years go on, I tend to lose track of time, as many of us are prone to do. But what remains are the experiences I’ve had and the impact they’ve made on me. The most prominent, and probably the most impactful, change of this decade involved our country. In asking myself, “What is the cultural vibe of the 2010s?” I thought about the political arena, which has probably displayed the most significant changes. The beginning of the decade started out in one direction, and it ended in the opposite direction. Regardless of where you or I stand, everyone is experiencing a bit of political whiplash. “The goal is to incorporate change that lets you live your life the best way you can.”

Some of those changes have been a long time coming, but maybe it’s better that way — it’s easier for people to digest. Whether or not you disagree, I feel like it’s similar to eating bland food. Once you get it down, all you have to do is digest it. Entering 2020, we find ourselves in a state of indigestion. This is a type of situation applicable to many other circumstances we may face in our lives. If you’re going down the path you’ve been following for years, you might, unconsciously, be settled into it. Do you feel stagnant? If so, you should try working toward making significant changes in your environment.

That’s what people in the new decade should ultimately chase: change. Not just in the political arena, but in the social and cultural arenas, as well. It might need to be a drastic change, whether that’s making a choice to stay in a relationship or deciding to finally purchase your dream home. But no matter what it is, this change is necessary in order to progress further in your life. The goal is to incorporate change that lets you live your life the best way you can.

–Michael Manely 1

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