King's Business - 1962-01

bv Dr. S. H. Sutherland

S e v e n o f t h e finest physical specimens of manhood which this country has produced are at Cape Canaveral in Florida, awaiting “ that day.” That day will mark the event when one of them will be se­ lected by the proper authorities to be the first Am­ erican actually to be put into orbit around the earth. These are the Astronauts. They have been selected because of their emotional stability, their mental awareness, they physical stamina. Daily they under­ go rigorous training routines. Equipment has been developed whereby they are able to simulate every known experience of their journey in space. They have learned exactly what to do and how to react in every conceivable kind of situation that they may encounter out there in the “wild blue yonder.” It has cost our government and is continuing to cost ASTRONAUT o u r govern- m e nt, multi­ plied billions of dollars in order to pre­ pare for this unique event

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when the first American will be shot into orbit. But I have news for you. These are not the only astronauts who are looking forward to an experience in space. Believe it or not, I, too, am an astronaut. I said it has cost the United States government multiplied billions of dollars to prepare to put one of the astronauts into orbit. But it has cost another Government infinitely more than that in order to get me ready for outer space. When the U. S. as­ tronauts are finally launched, they will be heavily clothed with all kinds of weird-looking equipment in order that their bodies may be protected from the known elements which they will encounter in space and, insofar as possible, that they may be pro­ tected from the yet unforeseen elements. In fact, when thus garbed they look like men who have come from “ out there” in the great unknown. But I, too, shall be properly attired when the time comes for me to commence that trip and when all is in readi­ ness, I shall be thoroughly protected from every con­ ceivable danger. When one of these astronauts finally makes that eventful trip literally he will take his life in his hands. Although every possible precau­ tion is being made to protect him, yet there is al­ ways a danger that in some minute detail some mechanism will fail which will destroy the whole rqpchine in which he is being carried aloft. In that event there is only one possible end to the trip —- his death. We all pray most earnestly that such will not be the case but that his trip will be com­ pletely successful in every detail. But when I finally take off, there will be no doubt whatever that it will be completely successful. On my trip, there will




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