King's Business - 1962-01

Judge Luther W . Y oungdahl

America needs God. Grave warnings of this vital need are revealed in every area of our national life. This great country, settled by thousands of devout people in eager search for re­ ligious freedom, is endangered by a moral and spiritual para­ lysis. Look about you and you will see signs of the tragic weak­ ening of our very national foundations. You will find it re­ vealed in the breakdown of the home, in mounting divorces and increased juvenile delinquency, in the apathy and indif­ ference of our citizens, in lawlessness, graft, and corruption, in the increased emphasis upon bigness, power, and material gains. These and many other evidences of spiritual decay are a grim reminder that we have drifted dangerously far from God. It is time to take stock of the spiritual resources o f America. It is imperative that we reverse the trend of moral and spiritual deterioration. Great, proud America, with seemingly limitless natural resources, mighty in war and peace, has, it so often seems, lost sight of God. W e have deluded ourselves into believing we are self-sufficient and require no divine direction. Through re­ markable success in science and technology we have made ad­ vances in the material world which seem to leave no place for God in our scheme of things. This is basically an individual matter; there must be a change of heart. Only Christ has the power to bring this about. He alone can make a man see that he can and must be different. Let us then cease our half-loyalty— our weak lip service to the call of the Christian church. Let us join in the mission of Christ and help to bring the message of His redeeming love to those who know it not, or have neglected it. Let us make Christianity really work in our lives. Particularly we must devote ourselves to helping youth find the promise that Christ brought to the world. I know how im­ portant this is because I was fortunately blessed with Chris­ tian parents who showed their children the role that Chris- tianity and the church must have in life. Through this they led me to accept the Lord as m y Saviour, and this greatest gift has been one which has been m y constant source of strength and inspiration. W e have a solemn obligation to help the chil­ dren of our nation gain the priceless benefits of spiritual train- mg. God waits silently and patiently for us to accept the salva­ tion He holds out to us. 0 blind and insecure America, awake, look up! These are days which require a purpose and mission and an abiding faith to carry you over the treacherous road ahead. W e must rely upon Christianity to sustain us now in the most crucial test of all, for no scientific discovery or in­ creased material resources can make good the spiritual deficit which endangers man in this age.


WHAT FAITH IN TT A l i 1 1 A - 1- 1 1 1


Available in tract form from the American Tract Society. 513 West 166th Street, New York 32, N. Y



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