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50 PUPILS T O . . . “ For ten years, Scripture Press materials have provided our teachers with an up-to-date and adaptable curriculum . . . one that has met the needs of our people, and kept us growing in the Word of God.” Calvary Evang. Free Church— Sunday School, 260 Trumball, Connecticut Rev. Paul H. Anderson, Pastor “ Scripture Press lessons are graded to meet well the needs of our various age-groups. Our teachers enjoy using these Bible-based mate­ rials, and the curriculum fits well into our church organization and belief.”

500 PUPILS T O . . . “ Our teaching situation demands materiafs which combine flexibility of method with Bib­ lical integrity and spiritual dependability. Scripture Press materials arc helping us meet the challenge of one of the greatest mission fields in the world." “ Scripture Press lessons articulate Bible truth especially well to the more than 50® of our pupils who come from unchurched homes . . . teaching materials going into such homes are readily accepted and used. We have found that nothing equals the SP adult lessons . . . we are thrilled with their consistent, consecutive Bible study for our 10 adult classes." Fourth Memorial Presbyterian Church — Sunday School, 938 av. att. Spokane, Washington Rev. Wilbur J. Antisdale, Pastor "We appreciate the Gospel emphasis that leads pupils to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord. Scripture Press departmental grading and cur­ riculum fit nicely into our Sunday School structure.” First Methodist Church— Sunday School, 650 Collingswood, New Jersey Dr. James I. Mason, Sunday School Supt. and Supt. of Collingswood Public Schools SCRIPTURE Calvary Baptist Church— Sunday School, 300 New York City Rev. Philip Gammon, Asst. Pastor and Dir. Chr. Ed.

. . .2 5 0 0 PUPILS “ We find Scripture Press lessons helpful in our particular situation because the individual never gets lost in the crowd . . . and the attendance keeps growing because the indi­ vidual is constantly challenged to greater spir­ itual growth and achievement.”

First Reformed Church— Sunday School, 250 Lafayette, Indiana Rev. Henry Zylstra, Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church— Sunday School, 2,500 Hazel Park, Michigan Rev. David D. Allen, Pastor

“ Scripture Press lessons combine clarity of pres­ entation with simplicity while documenting everything with ‘Thus saith the Lord.’ The curriculum meets our needs admirably.”

“ We like the way Scripture Press lessons fit the growth patterns of our expanding com­ munity . . . and the solid assurance they give of always being true to the Word,of God.”

Our Savior Lutheran Church— Sunday School, 200 McIntosh, Minnesota Rev. H. C. Molstre, Pastor

Wheaton Bible Church— Sunday School, 1,250 Wheaton, Illinois Rev. Malcolm R. Cronk, Pastor

“ Saripture Press materials help us reach and teach pupils with widely differing degrees of spiritual readiness. The teacher's manual is an effective teaching tool in the hands of our workers, regardless of what their backgrounds may be. Always, there is the historic emphasis on the verities of God's Word and the ‘faith once delivered.’ ” Moody Memorial Church— Sunday School, 1,200 Chicago, Illinois MissWinona Walworth, Exec. Sec. ofChr. Ed.

L a rg e an d Sm a ll S u n d a y S c h o o ls A c c om p l i s h M ore f o r E t e r n i t y w i t h TOTAL- HOUR TEACHING PLAN Why do Sunday Schools o f a ll sizes find that the Scripture Press Total-Hour Teaching Plan best meets their spiritual and educa­ tional needs? Total-Hour Teaching emphasizes personal participation for every pupil. It implants Bible truths in hearts and minds, exalting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Total-Hour Teaching is Christ-centered, Bible-based, and pupil-related on all age levels. All activity is correlated—every minute is devoted to learning and living God's Word. Pre-session, Worship, Instruction, Expression and Application work together to win pupils for Christ. This exclusive, successful, depart- mentally graded, All-Bible plan can work wonders in your Sunday School too, whether small, medium, or large. Send coupon for free material or visit your nearest Christian Bookstore.



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