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by Bolton Davidheiser, Chairman, Science Division, Biola College

T H M & e t y d ? for it. Just what did Darwin believe about it? Sir Arthur Keith, the emi­ nent English anthropologist, in the article Man in the Encyclopedia Bri- tannica said, “It is clear | . . that Darwin . . . thought it probable that man and the African anthropoids were co-descendants of a common an­ thropoid which had its habitat in Africa. He regarded the catarrhine type of monkey . . . as representative of a still older ancestral form.” Pro­ fessor Keith is saying that Darwin believed that man and the anthropoid apes of Africa both descended from monkeys. Here are Darwin’s own words in The Descent of Man: “ But a naturalist would undoubtedly have ranked as an ape or a monkey, an ancient form which possessed many characters common to the Catarrhine or Platyrrhine monkeys . . . And as man from a genealogical point of view belongs to the Catarrhine or Old World stock, we must conclude, however much the conclusion may revolt our pride, that our early pro­ genitors would properly thus have been designated.” Darwin added that of course we did not evolve from any living, pres­ ent-day ape or monkey. So it turns out that the unkind aspersions di­ rected at non-evolutionists who have referred to human evolution from monkeys, are based upon a technical­ ity. When the scientists talk among themselves about evolution from mon­ keys, they are referring to extinct fossil forms, and since the non-scienti­ fic public is not in a position to dis­ cuss fossil fragments, it is assumed that reference is made only to living forms of monkeys. A ll this may seem like much ado abouT very little, since according to the theory of evolution we evolved from much lower forms of life than that represented by monkeys. The point is that Christians need to be alert to the various psychological pres­ sures that are being put upon them to weaken their opposition to the theory of evolution. See also: Man from Apes? The King’s Business, October, 1960. Note: Part of a sentence is omitted. “We are but fish made over, and, although the job of altera­ tion is a good one, the original shows through here and there somewhat like the original design of a house that has been remodeled.”

7 K c * t ¿ru yn t T h e r e h as b e e n quite an effort in the past to ridicule the idea that according to the theory of evolution men evolved from monkeys and to convince people that this is a mis­ conception held only by the ignorant. Those who demanded further clarifi­ cation were told that according to the theory both monkeys and our­ selves evolved from the same common ancestor. But if this alleged common ancestor was not a monkey it was so close to one in evolutionary perspec­ tive that the importance given to the distinction seems all out of proportion to its significance. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that this ridi­ cule was a psychological technique employed to make the idea of evolu­ tion more palatable to the public. Now that the general public has been won to a position where opposi­ tion to the theory of evolution has ceased, non-Christian writers are more careless or bold in making re­ marks about man’s monkey ancestry. At the same time it seems that the old psychological technique may now be aimed at the Christian public. We are told in a recent issue of a Chris­ tian magazine that Darwin did not hold that man descended from mon­ keys and that this is a popular mis­ conception. A person browsing in a public li­ brary can collect a sample of state­ ments like the following from non- Christian and nominally Christian scientific authors: Ralph Linton, anthropologist of Yale University. (1957) “ From every­ thing we know, it seems that our re­ mote ancestors were monkeys.” Carleton Coon, anthropologist of Harvard University. (1958) “ Some of the descendants of the monkeys that had learned to walk upright went back to the forest, where they be­ came the ancestors of apes. Only those upright ones that stayed out in the open grew to be men.” Since these and other outstanding evolutionists write boldly about our simian origin, it seems rather hypo­ critical in retrospect that there should have been so much propagadana to the effect that only the ignorant hold such a view. The fact that there was such a widely-held belief among the non-scientific public indicates that there may have been a good reason JANUARY, 1962

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