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■ Colombian Christians, Evangelical churches and m issionaries are whole­ heartedly cooperating in this land of 13Y2 million people and only 60,000 Protestants. Pray for Colombia and our PTL Teams.

n T I SOUTH AMERICA ■IL CAMPAIGN PERU 500,000 Gospels! NOW COLOMBIA— While the door is open!

Your sacrificial gifts are needed to achieve our goal of 5 m illion Gospels for South America. Write today for illustrated Quarterly, or send $2.00 for new color filmstrip, “ South American Survey," w ith record ed n a rra tio n .

A s s h e d e c o r a t e d for her tenth birthday party, Ardyth sang at the top of her voice. Both the song and the decorations were Hawaiian, for from a tiny tot she has been enam­ ored of anything Hawaiian. She’s a charming youngster — except when whining to get her own way. She’ll learn God’s way — not ours — is the best way. Althea has a question: “Mother, what have you against ‘going stea­ dy?’ ” “More than you would under­ stand if I spelled it all out, Honey.” “Well, you seem to forget that I am twelve years old.” “ I vividly recall your age . . . it plays a large part in my decisions in the matter. Don’t grow up so fast! Any day a twelve- year-old of mine has a ‘date,’ I’ll not be alive!” Sharon wants to know: “ Is it nor­ mal or abnormal for a girl of sixteen not to want to date a boy steadily? I enjoy occasional double dates, but I don’t want to be any boy’s ‘steady.’ ” “How can one say what the norm is? The pressures of our sophisticated society have put undue emphasis upon this phase of development. I am thankful you are not rushing this area of your life. You have too many wonderful worlds to conquer to settle down to one boy now.” Dorotheann, the family’s eldest daughter, is reasonably sure of an af­ firmative answer to her question: “ Is it 0. K. if Ron comes for dinner Sun­ day?” She has stars in her eyes when his name is mentioned. Who cautioned, “ Never underesti­ mate the power of a woman” ? The Lord has said in His Word: “ Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised” (Prov. 31:30). Moth­ er knows for sure that the only pow­ er she wants for her four daughters is spiritual. God make them respon­ sive to His Holy Spirit! They are love­ ly gems, cut by the Master Lapidary, and Mother is deeply grateful to her Heavenly Father for giving her a small part in polishing these gems for Him.

Alfred A. Kunz, International Director • 49 Honeck Street, Englewood, New Jersey POCKET TESTAMENT LEAGUE, INC.

P R O M P T A N D S U R E | N O R I S K . . . N O W O R R Y


p lu s . . . THE JOY OF KNOWING YOU'VE MADE AN INVESTMENT " Fo r Christ and His Kingdom” . . w h e re hu n d red s have safely placed tho usand s Looking for an investment that offers both security and peace o f mind? Then the Wheaton College Annuity Contract is for you. Wheaton Annuities yield a generous rate of return (up to 8.6%, depending on your age) and provide an assured income for life. In addition to the financial benefits, this gift- investment plan also provides an indescrib­ able peace of heart that comes from knowing your money will be working “ for Christ and His Kingdom” far beyond your own lifetime . . . training young people for fruitful Chris­ tian lives and service.

Wheaton College has never missed a single payment since the annuity plan was started in 1898.

W rite to d a y for th e f r e e b o o k l e t , Pleasant 'i'omorrows, explaining the plan.


WHEATON COLLEGE W H EATO N , ILLINOIS Dept. K12 Please send me a copy o f Pleasant Tomorrows , booklet explaining the Wheaton College Annuity Plan in detail.


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