King's Business - 1962-01

junior KING’S BUSINESS features



by M arth a S. H ooker

I t w a s t h e first Sunday in the new year. The class of Junior girls was meeting as usual in the tower room which was its own special classroom. As the girls found their seats in the cozy little room they had all come to love, there was the usual hum of conversation that generally precedes the teacher’s arrival. Two questions, “What did you get for Christmas?” and “Have you chosen your year’s verse yet?” could be heard above all the others. Soon their beloved Miss Day ar­ rived, and after a hearty “ Happy New Year” greeting had been given by the entire group, the class was ready to hear what Miss Day had to say. “ Suppose we give our verses for the new year,” Miss Day began. “ I do hope you have each chosen one.” One after another, they responded with the verses they had selected. Some recited hurriedly and without much thought as to the meaning .of the verse; a few had forgotten to choose one — and then it came Mar­ jorie’s turn. Marjorie was a favorite among her classmates. She was al­ ways chosen first for all the games, and was a real leader among her friends. When it was Marjorie’s turn, the girls all looked curiously toward her, wondering whether or not she would consider it important enough to give a New Year’s verse. Marjorie arose quickly, her face shining as she faced the whole group of girls. “ Oh, I’m so happy to give my year verse,” she said, “ and to ten you just why I chose it. My verse is John 1:12: ‘But as many as received him, to them gave he power (the right) to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name’ — and, girls, I have done just what this verse

says. I have received the Lord Jesus as my own Saviour. I received many gifts at Christmas time, but He is my greatest and best Gift. Now I’m His child, and He has washed away all my sins, and I’m just so happy!” A hush fell on the little group of Junior girls in the tower room. They realized that Marjorie meant all that she had said, and that somehow she was a different, richer girl than they. Miss Day was quite overcome with joy and could only say, “Oh, Mar­ jorie, I’m so glad! God has answered my prayer for you.” A prayer of thanksgiving followed, àfter which Miss Day gathered the girls a bit closer in the circle about her and began talking in the heart-to- heart fashion which the girls always loved. “ Knock, knock, knock.” It was only Miss Day knocking on the desk as she would have knocked at the door of any of the girls’ homes when calling. “When you hear a knocking like this at the door of your''homes, girls, what is the first thing you do? Why, you hurry to the door to see who’s there; and if it is some one you love very much, you quickly open the door and say, ‘Come in,’ don’t you?” Miss Day continued, answering her own ques­ tion. “However, if the person who knocks is some one you do not want in your home, you do not invite her in, do you? “When Queen Victoria was reign­ ing in England, it was said that she had a lovely custom of visiting poor old people once a year, bringing them cheer and happiness. The story is told that at one time, while making her usual visits of love, she knocked long and loudly at the door of one little home, but received no answer

to her knocking. Disappointed she soon left and went on to visit some one else. “ Now the poor old lady who lived in the house had had a quarrel with her neighbor, and thinking it was the neighbor knocking, she had refused even to go to the door. Imagine her sorrow the next day when she learned that her caller was none other than Queen Victoria herself! How grieved she was, but it was too late. The Queen had knocked yesterday ■— and yesterday was past. “ But there is One who is knocking even now at the door of your hearts, dear girls, One who is greater and more loving than any earthly queen or king — and that One is Jesils. The hand that is knocking is a nail-pierced hand — for He died on the cross of Calvary for each one of us because He loved us so ■— and now He is knocking, knocking. “ In Revelation 3:20 we read this verse: ‘Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in.’ You have heard His voice, dear girls. Now are you willing to open your heart’s door and say to Him who loved you enough to die for you, ‘Come in, Lord Jesus, and be my Saviour?’ If you will do this, in the words of this verse He says: T will come in.’ Yes, He is faithful who promised. He will come in to be your Saviour, to wash away all of your sins and make you His own forev'er. Marjorie has opened her heart’s door and received Him; will you others do the same — today —this first Sunday of thè new year?” There was a pause, and the girls, realizing that Miss Day was speaking to each one personally, gave a person­ al response. First, Barbara arose and



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