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gifts are needed to make the project a realization. Several friends have giv­ en funds sufficient to supply individ­ ual rooms. These will be properly designated with beautiful placques as Christian memorials to loved ones. Bi­ ola has covenanted with the Lord that she will not go into debt in any build­ ing project. We wait upon Him for His leading. Perhaps the Lord of the harvest will speak to your heart about the opportunity of training “ the mis­ sionaries and spiritual leaders of to­ morrow.” Conservation the Keynote at Biola Where it started and how long it has been flowing is still somewhat of a mystery, however, through the past yeari a stream (and sometimes a trickle) of water has flowed through the lower portion of the Biola La Mir­ ada Campus. If funds are ever avail­ able, it is hoped that a small lake can be built, around which an outdoor

Torrey Conference Keynotes Prophecy Theme With outstanding Bible teachers, evangelists, and patsors from various areas of the country participating, the annual Biola Torrey Memorial Bible Conference will be held Jan­ uary 28 to February 4. The program will be officially launched at a special program Saturday evening, January 27, at La Mirada. For further details, see the advertisement on the inside front cover. "The Messiah" Presented to Capacity Audience Directed by Professor Marvin Mc- Kissick, head of the Biola College Music Department, Handel’s “Mes­ siah” was presented Sunday after­ noon, December 3, to one thousand people. Between three and four hun­ dred had to be turned away since seating was not available. The pro­ gram featured an oratorio choir of 125 voices. In May the group will be presenting “ The Elijah” to a Sunday afternoon audience. There is no better place to learn Christian stewardship than while in training, and Biola students have proven to be a most generous group of young people. For the next seven weeks they have personally taken on the project of sponsoring a $1,900.00 pre'ss project for Japan, printing liter­ ature in the language of the people. The students also give generously to the ministries of the school, in addi­ tion to the room and board and tui­ tion charged which are paid. We thank the Lord for the blessings they have received in their lives which is in accordance with the faithfulness in stewardship they have exhibited. Bricks Ready for Building “ Over there will be the much needed dormitory,” one young lady points out to her fellow Biola stu­ dents. Thousands of cement bricks have been donated to Biola by a loeal firm. Now funds are urgently needed to construct dormitories which will house the growing numbers of desir­ ing and deserving students who are seeking admission. Since funds reg­ ularly received are necessary for the operation of the organization, special Students Sponsor Missionary Project


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Bakersfield-Wasco KAFY


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1050 1290. 1130

Chico-Marysville KHSL Fresno-Dinuba KRDU Los Angeles KBBI

8:30 A.M. Sun. 9:30 A.M. MWF

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Santa Maria KCOY Turlock

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Albany-Eugene KWIL Ashland-Medford KRVC Coquille-Coos Bay KWRO KWIL

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Portland KPDQ KPDQ

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KCFA Walla Walla


"Grand Sutherland Dam" arena will be constructed for inspira­ tional services. Meanwhile, ingenious •maintenance staff members have built four dams along the course of the stream. Water which flows in is then pumped out and used to irrigate the playing fields. This project has al­ ready saved the school many hund­ reds of dollars in water bills. Since a number of Presidents have been honored by having huge government dams named after them, Biola stu­ dents felt it only proper that their President should be so favored. You can imagine Dr. Samuel H. Suther­ land’s surprise when he visited the above scene and found the appropri­ ate sign of dedication.

Caldwell-Boise KBFM

94.1 (FM)

8:30 A.M. MTWTF 8:30 A.M. MTWTF



Denver KLIR Lapeer, Michigan Miamisburg, Ohio WMPC

990 8:30 A.M. Tues.-Thurs.

1230 3:30 P.M. Tues.

93.7 (FM)

9:30 P.M. MTWTF

Pueblo-Coiorado :Springs KFEL

970 8:30 A.M. MWF

Phoenix KHEP Tuscon KAIR


8:00 A.M. MTWTF

1490 9:00 A.M. MTWTF



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