King's Business - 1962-01

alumni news by Inez McGahey Carl ’59 and Lauretta (Snodgrass ’60) Du Bois, Mexico City, Mexico: “ Our Mexico adventure began with a week of orienta­ tion at Wycliffe headquarters. W e rejoice at this opportunity to help train other young people for work among tribes which remain without the Scriptures and knowl­ edge of Jesus Christ.” Herbert Cassel ’26, ’27: “ Herbert will assume new responsibilities as Field Secre­ tary, visiting all the Central American fields and mission stations.” Everett ’36 and Mina Bachelder, Nome, Alaska: “ Soon it will be time to float the Gospel bottles again. Some brethren in England and other areas faithfully supply us with many of the Gospel portions al­ ready rolled up in heavy polyethelene en­ velopes. They will •be scattered over the waters when the ice breaks away.” Sydney and Dorthy (Cornell ’34) Best, Yokohama, Japan: “ By faith the walls of Yokohama Overseas Chinese Young Peo­ ples Christian Center have gone up. We thank God for the needy young people we are able to reach in this manner.” Phillip ’51 and Jean (Cerling ’49) Allen, Tokyo, Japan: “ Our new house is soon to be ready. The city where we witness is Kanonji, which has approximately 40,000 people. One missionary has found ■ tiny mission sheds to be quite successful, and we feel the idea would suit our purposes have yoii remembered the ALUMNI BUILDING PROJECT? quite well. These little ‘out-houses’ are stocked with tracts and books to see, with meeting-ads time posted. At regular inter­ vals the missionary comes and speaks from his shed, giving out tracts and selling books. (It costs about $30 to build and stock one shed.)’ Fred ’50 Aeord and family are still on furlough in California. “ Our field coun­ cil has given us extra time for more ex­ tensive language study. According to a Newsweek report there have been 10 mil­ lion Africans won to Islam in the past ten years! They are setting up a powerful radio station in Egypt to be called ‘The Voice of Islam’ which -will beam to all Africa, and most amazing of all is the translation of their Koran into the 100 major African dialects which they hope to complete within the year.” Maude L. (Fielitz ’27) Armstrong, Glen­ dale, California: “ I am so proud of our school — you have accomplished so much. I 'em still quite an invalid since my sick­ ness a year ago.”

Jesse ’49 and Nettie Miller, Denver, Colorado: “ During the past four years, God has patiently instructed us in the work of the Home Office, (Overseas Chris­ tian Servicemen’s Centers, Incorporated). As workers join us, the load of work in­ creases in the office. We are asking the Lord to send help to join us on a mission­ ary basis.” Edwin and Laura (Woosley ’30) Fisch, Tokyo, Japan, are working with the Japan

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Rev. and Mrs. Fisch Sunday School Union which is affliated with TEAM. Wesley ’44 and Eva (Anderson ’46) Thiesen, Lima, Peru: “W e are rejoicing that the Lord has restored Wesley to health so rapidly. He was put to bed with hepatitis. Now he feels quite well, for which we praise the Lord.” Herbert and Grace (Howland ’50) Fuqua, Lima, Peru: “Another Bi-lingual School Teacher Training session has passed and the teachers have dispersed to their tribes with their teaching materials supplied by the Peruvian government. Also, a three- month training period for six agriculture students has ended. These Indian men came from four different tribes and learned to seed, plant, and transplant cocoa, rubber, and coffee trees; also, their care, budding, and grafting. Most of them know the Lord as their Saviour, so will have double opportunity in their areas.” William Holeman ’50, ’53, Manchester,

Bill Holeman and friends Kentucky, uses Homer and Henry Hinkle (ventriloquism puppets) in his evangelism. Frances Jackson ’47, Mexico: “ Some of the people are just on the edge of open confession of Christ, and something pulls them back. Others all but turn to Him, then lose interest. Pray for us!”




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