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At least twice in Scripture we are admonished, “Let us not be weary in well doing.” However, it appears that there is a rather alarming tendency on the part of many well-meaning, Bible-believing Chris­ tians to accept the s t a t u s q u o in theological and ec­ clesiastical circles today and to enjoy peace and fel­ lowship with anyone and everyone as long as they are not flagrant critics of the Word of God and that for which it stands. But Satan is extremely clever. He endeavors to avoid making an issue a clear case of black or white. Rather he deals in the muggy grays of theological thinking which is characteristic of so many individuals these days. His technique is not so much to get a person to deny all of the authority of God’s Word and to speak openly against every part of Scripture. That was his main tactic in the days of Tom Paine, Bob Ingersoll, Voltaire and other well- known atheists of former generations. Today, Satan is working in much more subtle fashion. Some eccle­ siastical leaders talk a great deal about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and even of the necessity of re­ generation or the new birth, although they mean by those terms something quite different from the his­ toric meaning of the words. But these individuals may be “ soft” on the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch; that is, they do not believe that Moses wrote the Pen­ tateuch under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit but that, instead, it was written by a number of unknown authors. And when such leaders are exposed as pre­ senting a brand of modernism, the defenders of the faith are, themselves, denounced and condemned as “ heresy hunters” and as being “ un-Christ-like.” Oth­ er leaders talk a great deal about the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, but they may be “soft” on the authorship of Isaiah and believe in the late-dating of Daniel, making the book historical rather than pro­ phetical in its statements. When these individuals are exposed as presenting a brand of modernism, once again the defenders of the Word of God are rebuked and strongly criticized. Still others in ecclesiastical circles speak eloquently about the death of the Lord Jesus Christ and His resurrection. They emphasize the idea that He is living today even though if they ex ­ plained their meaning they would say He is merely living on in the hearts of His followers. But these very individuals may be quick to deny the virgin birth of Christ as well as the other miracles of both the Old and New Testaments. When such individ­ uals are criticized by defenders of the faith, many well-meaning Christians in turn are very critical of the defenders rather than of those who are “ soft” on the miracles of the Word of God. Still others high in ecclesiastical circles praise the modern translations THE KING'S BUSINESS

“Character Before Career” Accredited college preparation for boys. Distinctive Christian train­ ing. Grades eight to college en­ trance. Boys from sixteen states and sixteen foreign countries. Full athletic program. 70-acre campus, accessible by car or train. Fortieth year. For a catalogue , write the headmaster, Dr. Frank E. Gaebelein Box 80 Stony Brook, Long Island, N.Y. L.A. BAPTIST COLLEGE THE Baptist College For Southern Calif. & West Coast • M ajors in Six Fields • Complete College Program • Evangelistic and Fundamental • New Suburban Campus W r i te Registrar—

X e w h a ll, C a lifo rn ia BIOLA COLLEGE

* Accredited (Western College Association) * Spiritual Emphasis * * Biblically Centered for a catalog and applications write: DIR. OF ADMISSIONS

13800 Biola Avenue La Mirada, California

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