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Outsourced IT services exist for a reason. You may think, “Of course, they’re around for when something goes wrong.” But if this is how you view IT care, it’s time to update your thinking. External IT services are often out of sight, out of mind — until there’s a problem that needs fixing. Yes, IT companies are trained and equipped to fix issues when things go wrong, but there are many benefits to consistent upkeep and contact with your IT service provider. STAY SECURE In a world where systems are always upgrading, applications consistently receive updates, and new tech churns out in endless loops, it’s hard to keep up to date. You may have implemented the highest-grade processes and security systems when you first started out, but do you know if they’re still fully functional and compliant with the latest standards? This is something an IT management company would know and maintain. That means any network outages or security breaches can be fought quickly, and sensitive information always remains secure. A data breach can be devastating to any size of business, but if you have the most up-to- date systems in place, you’re more equipped to prevent wayward activity and react appropriately should it be unavoidable. Also keep in mind that many security breaches don’t happen during regular business hours. An IT company can remotely monitor your network and worry about your security when you’re not around to notice any problems yourself. GET OUT AHEAD Competitive advantage is the name of the game when it comes to business. That goes for just about every aspect you can think of: your products or services, your employees, your agenda, and yes, you guessed it, your IT management. Most small-business owners don’t prioritize IT upkeep as a necessary cost for growing their business. Upkeep Is Worth More Than Its Price Tag

They stick to the basics they think they need, don’t adequately update their setup, and align high-security systems with bigger companies. This is where your advantage comes in. If you focus a portion of your budget on maintaining healthy IT services and security systems, you’ll surpass your competitors that don’t focus on it. That’s because, in today’s world, sensitive information seems to land in the wrong hands with more ease, so your clients will care about the level of security you can provide. Their choice about who to do business with may even ultimately boil down to that fact. Peace of mind is a powerful tool. SAVE TIME AND MONEY We’re guessing you didn’t start your business in order to manage its IT systems. Delegating a trustworthy company to take care of all your IT needs frees up your valuable time to focus on the aspects of your business you really love. It can also contribute to employee productivity. If your employees troubleshoot their own issues during the workday, that means their time is spent doing guesswork unrelated to your bottom line. Outsourcing frees up your office’s bandwidth and saves you from the distraction and higher cost of managing an in-house IT team. Hiring help to maintain your systems may cost you regular fees, but it’s undeniably cheaper than calling a service only when disaster strikes because, at that point, that company has to spend time familiarizing themselves with your systems and analyzing any damage already done before they can finally start to make repairs. That means more billable time and effort, and, as they say, “Time is money.” At AZCOMP, we’re more than just a few IT gurus sitting behind a desk waiting for a phone call that tells us the sky is falling. We’re mindful, proactive, and eager about the way consistent IT management can benefit all businesses. We think you should be too. –Byron Adams

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