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THE DAY I MET THE PRESIDENT went exactly as I expected: He gave a huge, long, and boring speech. Afterward, people rushed the stage to get him to sign their programs or anything they had

W hen I started college at American University, it was right around the time Bill Clinton was elected president. He came to the university to give one of his first big foreign-policy speeches. Anyone who wanted to go knew that they had to be there at least two hours early just to ensure they’d have a spot in the room to hear it. All of my friends really wanted to hear the president speak, but listening to a boring speech wasn’t something I was all too excited for. They ended up dragging me along two hours early, and we waited for what felt like forever. If you’ve ever been to a presidential speech, you know that once

on hand. Meanwhile, I went back over to the side door the president had come out of earlier and started joking around with the secret service agents who were standing guard. Just when I told some hysterical joke, Bill Clinton came over to us.

I could tell that he thought I was the kid of someone who worked for him. He shook my hand and asked how I was doing. “Oh, fine, Mr. President,” I said. “But I do have a quick question for you. Whatever happened to that girl you met?” Bill started telling me all about how he had met her on a train coming from Arkansas, how they met a few times throughout their studies, how he took her out to the movies a few times, and how beautiful she was.

you go in, security doesn’t let you leave the building and come back in for safety reasons. However, at one point, I needed something to eat and ended up talking to a few of the security guys. I told them I was a student there and could go right across the street to the campus convenience store.

While he was talking to me, he continued to walk through the door he had come out of earlier, still holding my hand. I found myself in a back room with Bill Clinton and two of his secret service agents. He was going on and on about this woman until he realized that he was talking to a random college student and should be a bit more presidential. Bill then tells me, “You know, I always knew I wanted to be president someday, so I always kept in touch with everyone from college to ask for their eventual vote. And I really regret not having kept in touch with her.”

I was sugared up, happy with the small profit I made, and feeling pretty good by the time Bill Clinton came out from a side door and walked up to the stage to give his speech.

“Well, Mr. President,” I said. “There’s one thing for sure that we know about her.” When Bill Clinton asked me what that might have been, I responded, “She voted for George Bush.” The secret service guys were trying to bite back their laughter and I started chuckling, too. But the president turned on his heel and stormed off, muttering, “Funny, very effing funny.” He was the only president I’ve ever met, and I found it fascinating that even though he was 2 inches shorter than I was, he was much bigger. Thinking about it afterward, it felt as though I had been talking to a giant. It also struck me as amusing that he was talking about a girl he used to know as a teenager but didn’t have a sense of humor about himself at all.

Surprisingly, they let me leave, and I came back with a box of donuts. When I went back inside the arena, I sold the rest of my donuts for a dollar each, making eight bucks. I was sugared up, happy with the small profit I made, and feeling pretty good by the time Bill Clinton came out from a side door and walked up to the stage to give his speech. The opening of the address was all about how he had been to American University when he was younger and met a girl there. After that, it

Here’s hoping the next president I meet appreciates my jokes a little more.

–Kirk Simoneau

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The Best Podcasts to Start in 2019 LISTEN TO SOMETHING NEW

and kinda cool, you can’t go wrong with “Spirits.” Start listening at

This list is just a start to the wealth of amazing, diverse podcasts out there. News recaps, sports history, true crime, pop-culture throwbacks, and plenty more fantastic audio entertainment awaits on your phone’s podcast app. Start listening to your new obsession today!

GO ON AN ADVENTURE: ‘THE FAR MERIDIAN’ Audio dramas are back and thriving in the world of podcasts. “The Far Meridian” explores the story of Peri, a lighthouse keeper whose brother disappeared long ago. Peri is terrified of leaving her home, so she’s never discovered what happened to him. That changes when her lighthouse begins to appear in a new location every morning, initiating her search for her brother. Fantastically fun and painfully real, this is a story about the courage it takes to leave home behind. Join the girl in the lighthouse at TACKLE YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: ‘THE MARIE FORLEO PODCAST’ We all need some advice. Why not get it from someone who knows what they’re talking about? Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. And according to Oprah, she’s a thought leader for the next generation. Her mission is to help you become the person you most want to be. On the podcast, Marie and her guests discuss business, relationships, fear, love, and so much more. Get inspired at Debbie first learned about our firm in a newspaper ad. “I was working for another attorney at the time and saw that they needed a few people for nights. I applied for the job, and when I was hired, I began working right away. I started working days in 1996, and even though it was different from what I was used to, I enjoyed it very much.” Debbie is passionately dedicated to her career path. “Back when I first started working with attorneys, I went to a secretarial school in Boston. At that time, those schools were pretty popular for a lot of people to go into, more so than today,” she says. “Their focus was on what you would do in a secretary position, and they had different categories, such as ... legal or medical secretary duties. I chose to follow the legal path, and that’s where I’ve been ever since.”

Though podcasts have been around for over a decade, they have only recently found their stride in popular culture. And they don’t all feature nerds talking about “Game of Thrones.” In this form of audio entertainment, there really is something for everyone. A number of podcasts have broken into mainstream pop culture, like “My Favorite Murder,” “This American Life,” and NPR’s “Planet Money.” But these are only the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few lesser-known podcasts that are seriously worth your time. START SOMETHING FUN: ‘SPIRITS’ The title “Spirits” is a play on the stories told and drinks enjoyed on this podcast. Co-hosts Amanda McLoughlin and Julia Schifini offer a fresh take on myths, legends, and folklore. From Greek classics to the tale of the Javanese Mermaid Queen, these lifelong friends and mythology enthusiasts examine what the stories we tell say about our culture, traditions, and values. If you’re eager to fill your year with something kinda creepy

Last month, we included Debbie’s picture with Barbara Warren’s article. We’re righting that wrong now! Here is Barbara Warren, who was featured in last months edition. Be sure to read about our wonderful legal assistant in December’s issue, and check out Debbie Kantapin’s article this month!

Meet Debbie Kantapin! b Ka a

Our Team Member Who Wears Many Hats

positions. She refers to herself as a floater. “I usually do whatever someone needs or what they may not have time for. Someone might ask me to write up a medical summary for them, and I’m more than happy to do it. A lot of people might not like writing up summaries, but I really enjoy doing it.” Not only is Debbie eager to help with odds and ends, but she also enjoys working as our friendly and helpful receptionist, guiding our clients where they need to go. Outside of the office, Debbie enjoys spending as much time as she can with her two grandchildren and her two Pomeranians. When she finds time for herself, Debbie enjoys sitting down to read a good book or watch a Patriots or Celtics game. We’re so grateful to have Debbie on our staff. The next time you come into the office, her face will be the first one you see, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When someone calls our office or comes through our doors, they have the pleasure to speak with our wonderful receptionist, Debbie Kantapin. Debbie has been with our office for a long time. “Believe it or not, I started in 1984,” she says. “I worked nights at that time because my children were toddlers. There were only five of us working in the office at night, but you would have been surprised by how much there was to do.”

After leaving our offices for a short time, Debbie returned to us in 2010, filling many different

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A $100,000 Victory LESLIE NIXON

Leslie Nixon recently won a case involving a family that was visiting New Hampshire to attend a wedding. The family was staying at a dog- friendly hotel, since they took their furry friend with them. However, they were unaware that there was a large pit near the hotel that lacked proper lighting and warnings to indicate its presence to the public. One night right after the wedding, the mother of the family decided to take the dog out for a walk around the building. While she was out, her two daughters returned to the hotel but found the room empty. Wondering where their mother and their dog could be, one of them decided to look for her. While wandering outside, she came across the pit, which she was unable to see, and fell into it.

Later, the other daughter began to wonder what happened to her missing sister and mother. She went outside, intent on finding them both, and started her search. This daughter came across the pit and, remarkably, fell in it as well. Now, here’s where the story becomes even more astonishing. At that point, their father came back to an empty hotel room and wondered where his wife, two daughters, and dog were. Determined to find them, he set out on a similar walk around the hotel, thinking they might all be walking the dog together. He, just like his two daughters, came across the pit and fell into it. His wife, who had managed to steer clear of the hole and was still walking the dog, received a worrying phone call from the rest of her family. Shortly afterward, she

found them, and the three were helped out of the hole and taken to the hospital. Their injuries were treatable, but the three family members were hurt pretty badly. When they tried to get compensation from the hotel to help with their medical bills, the insurance company only offered $5,000 total for all three of them. The family then turned to us, and Nixon took them to trial. We found that the hotel had been ordered by the fire department to cover the pit before this incident but had failed to do so. Nixon won the case, and the family was granted over $100,000, which helped them pay for their medical bills.

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Happy Year of the Pig!


Even with the delay, he still finished well before most of the other animals.

NEW YEAR’S MENAGERIE Legend of the Chinese Zodiac

And what about poor Cat? When he woke up to discover he’d missed the race and would be left out of the zodiac, he was enraged. He declared vengeance on Rat, and to this day, cats still hold their grudge against rats. Was there really a celestial race that named each year in the Chinese calendar? Probably not. After all, cats hadn’t been introduced in China when the zodiac calendar was first put into use! But it’s an exciting story and one that’s always fun to tell on the Chinese New Year.

You have probably heard of the Chinese zodiac and the 12 animals that represent each year: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Maybe you already know which animal claims your birth year, and you’re ahead of the game if you know that we’ll be celebrating the Year of the Pig in 2019. But do you know how these specific animals earned such a high honor? According to legend, when the celestial Jade Emperor created a way to measure time, he invited the animals in his kingdom to earn a spot on the zodiac by winning a race. Cat and Rat, who were best friends back then, were both eager to participate. Wanting to be well-rested, Cat took a nap before the race. But when the time for the race came, Rat, who was determined to win, sneaked away without waking his friend. Rat’s cunning didn’t stop there. When the race reached a raging river, Rat secretly climbed on the back of Ox, who was in the lead. When they reached the other side, Rat jumped off, crossing the finish line before Ox

and claiming the first year of the zodiac for his own. The other animals finished the race in the order they appear in the zodiac, each taking a place influenced by their unique traits. Now, you might be wondering how Dragon came in fifth place. Unlike their monstrous brothers in Western mythology, Chinese dragons are wise, helpful creatures. During the race, Dragon saw a village suffering from a terrible drought, so he stopped to help make rain so the farmers’ crops could grow.

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