Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | October 21-22, 2021

Motion 21-28: Mr. Nellams moved that the Board of Trustees of Central Washington University approve Resolution 21-06 honoring CWU employees. Ms. Black seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. President Wohlpart continued with his presentation adding that over the next year we will embark on developing a vision, mission, and strategic plan. There will be many campus conversations focused on: who do we want to be post pandemic, where are we headed together. This will give us a road map and help us to think institutionally. We will also roll out a new budget model this fall and begin to think intentionally about our high-impact practices in support of student success. PROVOST’S REPORT Provost DenBeste reported that the work of the Fall Planning Committee and Fall Planning Task Force, is well underway for a thriving fall quarter. Planning groups have all met at least three times and are hard at work trying to consultatively and collaboratively make the best decisions possible, guided by up-to- date information from state and local authorities, for our entire Wildcat community. The members of the task force are committed to listening intently and respectfully to the ideas, concerns and preferences of each of the shared-governance groups represented. Their mission is to come together to draft a comprehensive set of recommendations that will help ensure a safe environment for students, staff, and faculty during the upcoming academic year. While we are planning a near-normal academic year in 2021/22, we also understand the need to constantly assess our protocols and planning. A post- COVID fall quarter will allow CWU to focus on fundamental and ongoing initiatives such as college advising and student support, assessment and accreditation efforts, retention and graduation initiatives, transfer student support, inclusivity and diversity, and professional development for employees. CAPITAL UPDATE Vice President Bohman outlined CWU’s policy for naming facilities and summarized several naming requests that have fulfilled policy requirements. The board will approve two of those naming requests during the business meeting on July 30. CWU has completed several major milestones associated with major capital projects: • An update of University House , which included long-deferred upgrades to residential areas, guest reception areas, and infrastructure in this university facility. • Completion of the design of Health Education , which moves now to the construction phase. • Initiation of the design phase for the Humanities and Social Sciences Complex capital project , scheduled to go out to bid later this summer or early fall. In August of 2022, the Government Relations and Capital Planning and Projects teams will complete the state capital budget submission for the 2023-2025 biennium next summer. Over the next several months, we will evaluate potential capital projects, review infrastructure needs, and refine and evolve the Call for Capital process, which will engage the entire university and community partners in the plan development. This will also influence the ongoing evolution of the CWU 2019-2029 Capital Master Plan, which outlines the next decade of capital expansion and renovation. BOARD BUSINESS Board bylaws require that a chair and vice chair are elected annually. Elections were conducted and Robert Nellams was elected board chair and Ray Conner was elected the vice chair.

3 Board of Trustees Minutes July 29-30, 2021

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