StoryLine Issue No. 3 Fall 2021

DENNIS ZALDANA , "tiger l i ly," page 13 I was fortunate to have a safe environment and even more grateful to have a 1-bedroom apartment with a small patio during early lockdowns in 2020. To be completely honest, I took the patio for granted. It wasn’t until my world went from 60 to 0 miles an hour when I began to take appreciation for the space. I began planting seeds and photographing the process. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose a sense of what is important, and for me, it was patience and the small details in my life. The up-close image you see, is my first blooming Tiger Lily.


Scott Davis teaches composition and critical reasoning at Coastline Col lege. He plays a couple instruments, has a broken jump shot, and wonders when the taco truck will get here.

KIMBERLY RETEGUIZ, "BOMBA Y PLENA," NEXT PAGE Bomba y Plena is our national dance and music that combines our Spanish, African and Taino roots all into one form of physical and audible art. When I was a child, this and many other styles of music and dance were a part of our everyday lives in my

My name is Kim Reteguiz. I ’m a Military Student Advisor and have been working for Coastline College out of Jacksonville, FL/NAS Jax/NS Mayport Naval Bases since 2010. I ’m also a working musician and have been on the Florida music scene since my college days at the University of Florida. When I ’m not working and am at home, I love to build furniture and paint EVERYTHING! It’s my creative outlet! When the world and my family was falling apart due to Covid-19, I turned to what always grounded me…my roots, my LATINO BORIQUA heritage, and memories of my family back home in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

house. The significance of the three colors of women in the painting represents the fact that, because of our unique DNA as a whole island, these beautiful skin colors all exist within our own immediate families; therefore, we have no room for racism and colorism in our culture. This painting is rather large in person, sizing at 40x40, and is acrylic paint on canvas. The waves of the skirts are pallet knife-brushed so that you can feel the folds and texture of the skirt should you touch it. ¡ Somos Latinos!

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