StoryLine Issue No. 3 Fall 2021

DGA STUDENTS MAKE SPARKS... VIDEOS PAGES 25-28 This assignment allows students to select a topic—something they enjoy doing, like photography, pets/animals, cosplay, dancing, Minecraft gaming, working out, gardening, cooking, drawing, painting, ceramics, ancestry, etc. In this first introduction to the Adobe Spark video application, the students include titles, voiceovers rather than blocks of text, photos, videos, artwork and other creative content to enhance their story. DGA C100 is an introduction to fundamental concepts, practices, and theories of digital art and media. Topics include the integration of traditional design, color, and compositional principles with contemporary digital tools. Demonstrations of digital image capture, image manipulation, illustration, layout, animation, 3D, and emerging technologies. The course is offered yearly in Coastline's Digital Media fall course rotation.

—Angela Gomez-Holbrook

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