StoryLine Issue No. 3 Fall 2021

jenna seo, "col lege is too dang expensive" contributor bio

winner, crux essay contest 2020- 2021, informative category

Thank you to the donors for making this award possible, I think my essay topic was fitting, and I hope it opens up the conversation for future policy changes surrounding higher education. These [essay contest] funds will ultimately go towards my education as I transfer to UC Berkeley for the coming fall and will definitely help lighten the burden that comes with the cost of a four-year university. I hope to major in social welfare and eventually continue my education and get a Master's degree in social work. I am passionate about educating others and serving underrepresented communities, and I hope to continue helping others as I pursue my professional and educational goals. Thanks again to the donors and Coastline College for providing this amazing opportunity for their students.

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