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her relentless positive and determined attitude got ALL of us through this. No matter the challenges that came her way as we endured this crisis, she never threw in the towel. She coordinated so many of the school’s changes, and on March 19, we were thrilled to host our first online student lessons. (The very next day, March 20, my baby Eli was born safe and healthy!) Thank you so much, Kelly, for everything you do! I also want to take a moment to thank all of our parents and students directly, whether they’re still taking classes or have stopped for the time being. It’s completely understandable that some people have had to leave our school at this time — that’s why those of you who are continuing to pursue your music education with us mean so much. Whether we see you online or in-person, your time with us is very special. Music is one of the things that can’t be taken away from us, and so is the experience of music education. These connections to people and music often last our entire lives, so once again, I thank you all for your support and business. Lastly, I’d like to thank the staff of The Newsletter Pro. Unfortunately, because of these hardships, we have elected to suspend our newsletter. They have been great to work with, and I’ll miss communicating with you all through their wonderful service!

I hope this newsletter finds you and yours well and healthy. I miss seeing all your faces back in the office! I have many, many thanks to give to all of you. Teachers, parents, students: I am very grateful for the incredible community we have at Minnesota School of Music. To give a proper appreciation for all of you, I need to talk about the timeline of events. Otherwise, it’d be hard to express the immense flexibility of my staff and students and the contributions that everyone has made to allow our school to keep running. Before the COVID-19 crisis hit, our school had nearly reached capacity; we had the largest number of staff and students we’d ever had. We were planning future events, and my wife and I were preparing for the birth of our fifth child, Eli. It was busy, but we knew, more or less, what to expect of the upcoming months. That sense of certainty seemed to change overnight as schools began to shut down. Admittedly, I initially thought that we could continue classes hygienically at our location and keep everyone safe while keeping our doors open — but, with encouragement from my staff, I knew we had to move to distance learning via Zoom.

I’m very glad that we did, and I want to thank all of our incredible teachers and staff who’ve made our online learning program possible with their ongoing flexibility and passion for their work. Up until mid-March, I had only used Zoom for occasional meetings. I certainly didn’t know how to scale it to host hundreds of students and teachers. While every single person in our team helped give feedback to make the transition easier, there’s one person who I couldn’t have done this without: Kelly, our front desk assistant. Kelly was hired on March 2. She was supposed to go through two weeks of training under my direct supervision, but as you can imagine, between the rising crisis and prepping for my fifth child, I couldn’t give her the direction that she deserved. When two teachers left the school shortly after Kelly was hired, I took on both of their full-time schedules myself, and I worked mostly as a teacher rather than a director. So, instead of her promised training, Kelly was often left alone. She was answering calls several hours a day for a music school she barely knew and providing tech support for a brand- new online program we’ve never done before, and she didn’t know much about Zoom herself. However,

We will see you all again soon.

–Eric Nehring

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