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MAY 2018


Several years ago, I worked with a client (I’ll call him Bob) who served in World

citizens were lost during WWII.They bravely fought and gave their lives in the name of freedom from tyranny.They fought to protect values and ideals that were being threatened.Thinking about Bob, I’m reminded how grateful I am for all of those brave soldiers who fought so that you and I can be free. In a paper about the U.S. Navy during World War II, James Kurth, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, describes the bravery that was demonstrated at every turn: “Essential as mass and mobility were, however, they would not have been sufficient by themselves to produce an American victory. For that, extraordinary demonstrations of personal honor were also required. As Admiral Nimitz later said, ‘Uncommon valor was a common virtue.’” To all those soldiers, we honor you this month. May is also when we celebrate Mother’s Day and the women who raised and nurtured us. During wartime, mothers are historically the ones who hold down the homefront while husbands and fathers are away. It’s a heroic role, and definitely not an easy one. Today, mothers are also fighting at the front lines, and brave women fight alongside brave men to protect our country.

War II. Every time I saw Bob, I heard a story about his experience during the war. It was fascinating to have a glimpse into a time that was both heroic and tragic. He served on a flight deck in Germany, and his stories were wild. He saw fighting at some of the biggest naval battles in the Atlantic, where U.S. fleets took on German U-boats. Can you imagine being a part of some of the most crucial battles of the 20th century? Bob’s stories made me feel like I could see and hear it all happening. He had a knack for bringing you into the story he was telling. Bob has since passed away, but I still think about him and recall his stories, especially around this time of year. For many of us,Memorial Day is a long weekend for traveling, grilling, and chilling. I look forward to playing a few rounds of golf and spending extended time with my family. But for others — those who’ve experienced battle — it’s a time to reflect on experiences, loved ones lost, and what was left behind in those battles. Bob reminded me of these losses each time I spoke to him. So many of our

While you’re enjoying your barbecue or camping trip, take a moment to think about the reason we have a long weekend. It’s to those people that we dedicate Memorial Day. To all mothers, and to all the soldiers who gave their lives in the line of duty, we honor you. Sincerely,

-Jeff Zufall

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