8. Overview

DIGITAL SIGNAGE More Revenue and Satisfaction

PRACTICAL • Elegant & durable – safety tempered glass or plastic cover and heavy duty aluminium or steel construction • Universal – screen models of various vendors supported • Customizable – individual colors, combination with brochure holders and other our products EXTENSIBLE Products are ready for further enhancements: • Central content management • Touch functionality • PCs, players, LTE modems and other accessory can be securely and easily placed inside WHERE TO FIND MORE Visit www.jansen-digital.com for comprehensive and up to date information about our digital signage solutions – like Screen Compatibility List, Touch Solutions, Content Management Solutions, Product Details etc.

WHY DIGITAL The screens placed in your spaces will bring you: • Power of “Moving Pictures” – Videos attract attention and tell stories i.e. transfer emotions and explain details • Show more & at the right time – Single screen can show various messages and change them during time – in the morning, at the weekend, if it’s raining and other common situations • Speed – From idea to content displayed everywhere in minutes, not weeks • Interactivity – You can provide visitors with much broader content e.g. access to the whole e-shop or to get the instant feedback…when you are ready for that. EASY Ready to use sets with professional screens ready for 24/7 operation, play your images and videos easily from USB drive, simple “Step by Step” manual included, with default Wi-Fi connectivity Screen covers only can be provided suitable for screens of various vendors


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