BGB: Wastewater brochure



BGB can repair, refurbish or replace all types of collector columns. The refurbished slip ring will be returned to a similar “as new” condition, even if the collector column is physically damaged. If the unit is beyond repair, BGB can provide brand new slip rings complete with new brush gear (if damaged or functioning incorrectly) to the same spec as originally designed. Replacement brushes and other parts commonly used in repairs, such as micro switch systems, can also be supplied.


BGB can perform the following tasks: · Electrically test for any faults, including flash test up to 15kV and load test to check for any build up of resistance in the slip ring. · Fully clean to remove excess carbon dust build up. · Machine rings back to correct surface finish and address any concentricity issues. · Re-apply anti-tracking varnish to maintain correct electrical ratings. · Strip, clean and rebuild .

6 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:

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