Shale Shaker Vol 72, No 4 July-August 2021

Oil and Gas Exploration An IntactThirty Four Foot Long Petrified Log in theWoodford Shale, Oklahoma: AQuestion of Preserving Geological Heritage, cont.

Figure 9 - a) Outcrop photo showing length of Woodford log. b) Outcrop photo showing width of Woodford log.

material from wildfires (Philp and Degar - mo, 2020). We favor interpreting these ob- servations as the recording the consump- tion of finer extra-basinal organic matter by massive marine algal blooms that sim- ply diluted the humic signal upon death and preservation. Discussion: Preservation of Geological Heritage Despite decades of outcrop work on the Woodford Shale, it still yields surprising

features, but one must go to the field with observant eyes. The display of the base of a partly reconstructed Callixylon stump (6ft high / 5ft wide) on the East Central Campus is reputedly the largest Callixy- lon stump in the world (Suneson, 2010). Although our quarry log has a girth of “only” 4.5 feet, we believe its length of at least 34 feet may represent a global re- cord. Although the quarry where this log is currently exposed is inactive, Google Earth images indicate activity as recently as 2018. The entry road to the quarry is

washed out at present but could be quickly repaired should activity resume. Such a resumption would likely lead to the de- struction of what should be regarded as part of Oklahoma’s geological heritage. Currently we are reaching out to the Sam Noble Museum and the Oklahoma Geo- logical Survey to see if this treasure could be excavated and preserved for the greater public. Therefore, we have omitted the quarry location to reduce the progressive small-scale destruction by individual col- lectors.

Page 126 | Volume 72 Number 4

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