Shale Shaker Vol 72, No 4 July-August 2021

An IntactThirty Four Foot Long Petrified Log in theWoodford Shale, Oklahoma: AQuestion of Preserving Geological Heritage, cont. Oil and Gas Exploration

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Biographical Sketch Andrew Cullen recently retired from Warwick Investments Group where was SVP Geology for 6 years. His industry lineage runs through Shell International, Chesapeake, EOG, Altex Oil, and Clear Creek Silver Company. Andrew holds the trifecta of degrees in geology from the Universities of Oklahoma and Oregon. Dr. Cullen is an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma (College of Law) teaching in their Natural Resources Master’s program. Andrew chaired the Alumni Advisory Council for OU’s School of Geology & Geophysics (2017-2019), served on the OCGS Board, and has contributed several technical articles to The Shale Shaker. Andrew is reviewer for AAPG’s Grants-In-Aid program (15yr) and is also a reviewer for the Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Tectonics, and Earth Science Reviews. In retirement Andrew maintains several active research projects: evidence for volcanic triggering of Late Devonian mass extinctions from the Woodford Shale, basement faulting and seismic risk in the Wichita Mountains, and the tectonic evolution of the greater South China Sea region. Andrew is a member of a Norman musical trio, Wood and Strings, who are the Rock House Bar band - outdoors on Thursday nights. Andrew Cullen

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