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June 2019 My Greatest Support Remembering My Grandfather and How I Got to Where I Am Today (978) 653-4092 Practical wisdom, trusted advice.

When my momwas growing up, her father was often strict with her and her sisters. He was a WorldWar II veteran who was a loving but firm father, yet all of that changed when he became a grandfather. I can still remember my mother’s jaw hitting the floor when Papa laughed at the things my cousins and I did, when my mom and her sisters would have gotten in trouble for those very same actions — for example, a runaway tractor ride that tore up the brand new lawn! (Ironically, my mom is now the same way with my kids. I swear she wasn’t this lenient when I was growing up!) In addition to the funny guy I remember him as, my grandfather was also well-known in our community because of his many years as an umpire. From the time I was a little kid until after he retired, Papa was a referee for high school football and baseball games, and he even refereed a few of my games. Somehow, my son acquired a talent for baseball, and his great-grandfather loved to watch him play. I remember visiting Nanny and Papa one day in their assisted living facility, toting good news of my son’s recent home run. As an enormous smile spread across my Papa’s face, he couldn’t help but ask all kinds of questions about what happened. Sadly, that was one of the last times I saw Papa’s genuine smile and had a clear conversation with him. During the last years of his life, he battled dementia. Some days with himwere better than others, but in 2017, he passed away from the disease. Today, his president of baseball officials ring sits in a display case in my office, and if you look around the Monteforte Law, P.C. offices, you’ll see other mementos of my grandparents. It’s only fitting, especially since they were the inspiration for this practice and my biggest supporters. As my grandparents’health started to decline, my family knew we had to plan for

their future. Long-term care is expensive, and my family was concerned about making sure my grandparents got the best care their assets would allow and finding a facility that would support their quality of life. Being the only lawyer in my family, they all turned to me, but elder law wasn’t something I was too familiar with at the time. If I was going to help, I knew I had to learn more. Then, something interesting happened. As it turns out, I am passionate about this work. I knew I wanted to focus on elder law and estate planning, especially as I watched my grandparents live the last years of their life. Sadly, by the time I got involved with my grandparents’ planning, there wasn’t much I could do for their situation, but they gave my clients and me a wonderful gift. Whenever I meet with families and older adults, I can directly relate to their situation. I know the panic and fear of losing assets, but I like to think that if I can help these families, I can keep my grandparents’memories alive. Hopefully, I ammaking them proud. Since I began this practice 13 years ago and after my grandparents inspired me to eventually find my niche, Monteforte Law, P.C. has transformed and evolved. When I first started, I was sharing an office space, and taking whatever case walked through the door. But before too long, I could afford the office on my own and built my clientele base. Recently, I was able to take another big step. We had filled our office space to the max, and we needed an upgrade. I knew I wanted a newer, brighter space that was easily accessible for all my clients. So, we moved just a few buildings down, and as of March 1, we have been at our new location inWilmington! Despite being in the market for a new building, I knew I didn’t want to leaveWilmington. My clients live here, I’m raising my family here, and I want to keep helping families here.

-Michael Monteforte Jr. | 1

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