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Oral Health as Part of Your Overall Lifestyle

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Tips for Capturing the Best Outdoor Photo!

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The War on Your Teeth

To maintain your dental health, it’s recommended to brush your teeth in the morning and at night and, ideally, to floss at the same time. It is not a one and done process, but rather a daily ritual that maintains the health of your dentition. Biyearly visits to us, your dental practice, make sure all is running well.

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What Is the World’s Best Exercise?

However, there is more to you than just your teeth. You also want a healthy body and a clear mind to boot.

To achieve this goal, you need to move your body at regular intervals. For those of us fortunate to live and work in Manhattan, we have a unique situation. It is true that no one walks in Los Angeles, not even for one block. But here in New York City, we all walk. The sidewalk is our treadmill and the subway our StairMaster. Good health requires movement, and walking is definitely beneficial. Our heart is a muscle, and a strong heart is desired, so we need to raise our heart rate to increase its strength. This can be accomplished with aerobic exercise, which increases our oxygen consumption and heart rate. Good exercises for Manhattanites include jogging, bicycling, swimming, roller skating, and aerobic classes. My preference is skiing, but you have to leave Manhattan for that. Did you know that each additional inch on your waist increases the pressure on your knees by ten pounds? Also, the increased circumference of your waistline leads to the addition of miles to your circulatory system, causing your heart to have to work that much harder. Some form of resistance training with weights or bands is necessary to increase your muscle mass and make you stronger and leaner, since it takes more calories to burn muscle than fat. We all know living in New York City can be stressful, and exercise helps to relieve stress and give peace of mind.

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Quinoa Burger

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Summer in the City

Those of us who are “apples,” meaning we have more weight around our midsections versus “pears,” who have excess weight situated in their bottoms, have to be even more careful since “apples” are more prone to heart disease. Keeping your waistline below 40 inches is a goal everyone should strive for. If your waistline is above 40 inches, you are more prone to health problems. Finally, diet is important. Apples, bananas, and oatmeal are good for your digestive system. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less red meat is also helpful. The problem we New Yorkers face is so many good things to eat; we are totally surrounded. The key is moderation: one slice of pizza, not the whole pie; one beer, not the six-pack; and one donut or bagel at a time.

We want you to have healthy teeth, but we also want you to be healthy overall — and don’t forget to floss!

Glenn Reit, DDS



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