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Treat Yourself on the Cheap Frugality Doesn’t Have to Mean Deprivation

RENT INSTEAD OF OWN What about owning cool stuff? Well, even if you can’t afford to buy everything you want brand-new, it’s easier than ever to borrow and share. There’s a totally free online platform called Peerby that connects people who want to borrow and lend items, including everything from power tools to folding chairs. Never again let a lack of ownership keep you from doing the things that make you happy! The point is, you really can have an amazing life without spending a ton of money. So get out there, save, and have fun!

dish you can come up with. If you do date night at home 90 percent of the time, you’ll be able to splurge later on a night out. USE THE LIBRARY If you’re not in the habit of using the library for recreation, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Check out entire seasons of popular TV shows and cut cable and TV streaming packages from the budget. The library also has a great selection of movies, books, audiobooks, video games, and CDs. Best of all, everything’s free!

Frugality might seem like a death sentence for fun, but if you’re creative, it’s more than doable to have a great time and still live well within your means. STAY IN Usually, activities you do “out” will cost significantly more than the same thing done at home (such as watching a movie on your couch instead of at the theater or cooking a great dinner instead of going out to eat). Try turning home cooking into a game. For instance, start with a few leftover ingredients and seeing what amazing new

Client Testimonials

“I CHOSE TO DO BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE, being a single mom of three kids, nobody wanted to help me in any kind of way. The old saying says you get what you pay for. Spending my money on Mr. Robert Geller is worth it because I’m so happy with the outcome of my bankruptcy. My credit is slowly getting better. A lot of stress has been weighed off. So, I fully recommend anybody who is looking for help with bankruptcy or other legal situations or problems to please go see Robert Geller. It is worth it, especially being a single mom. When you have bad credit,

you have a hard time getting a place to stay, a car, a credit card, or anything that has to do with your credit. So, please go see Robert Geller. It is worth it.” –Janine J. “I WAS IN A TERRIBLE FINANCIAL SITUATION. I was one year away from retirement and wondering how I was going to manage to pay my bills. I was so scared and didn’t know what I was going to do until I made that phone call to Mr. Geller. Danielle kept assuring me that everything was going

to be alright. Mr. Geller handled all of the proceedings, allowing me to start over fresh and rebuild my credit again. All I can say is what a relief! I am so grateful to him and his staff. If you find yourself facing the same serious issues with debit, I encourage you to not be afraid. It is a tremendous relief. Thanks again, Mr. Geller, I appreciate all that you and your staff did for me. I will never forget it, nor will I forget that you said I reminded you of your grandmother.” –Grace M.

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