Immigration & Injury Attorneys Winter 2018





Last month, we were very honored to be included on the list of the Law Firm 500’s Fastest Growing Law Firms. To see our names at No. 19 — wow. We are grateful and feel so happy to receive this recognition, but we know that we did not get here by ourselves. You are

years of waiting, they were reunited. She became a green-card holder and permanent resident. That was an amazing story to be part of.

In another case, the client wasn’t looking for an attorney — she was helping us with construction on our home when we learned about her case. After she’d finished up her work for the day, she asked, “What do you do?” When she learned that we were immigration and personal injury attorneys, she trusted us and shared her story. She had a personal injury case that wasn’t moving forward at all, and she’d been put in collections. She felt she had no options. After hearing her situation, Jorge reassured her. “We can figure out what needs to get done,” he told her. We took on her case, and within months, we got it settled. She was amazed — nobody had done anything for her, and within months, she had the resolution she’d given up on. It’s the difference we can make when we care as attorneys. That’s what we love about what we do — our victories are your victories. As the holidays approach, many of us will spend time with family. Jorge and I come from big families, and since they both live in the area, we end up having two different Christmas dinners. We go to Jorge’s family’s house, have dinner, and then we end up at my family’s. It’s a little crazy, but that’s how we celebrate. I’m grateful that we get to share this time with each other.

part of this victory. Our team, our clients, and everyone who has supported us are part of this. I’m so grateful

to all of you who’ve trusted us to help you with your immigration and personal injury matters. As it says on the Law 500 website, “Happy clients are ultimately what makes a law firm grow fast.” Any talk of gratitude would not be complete without mentioning Jorge. I am so grateful to have him as my partner. People have said we are crazy for working together, but it works so well. We’re an amazing team, and it makes so much sense for us because we’re passionate about the same things. The opportunity to help people is what motivates both of us. When you have a passion to truly help people, it just works out. Our firm is growing, and that means we get to serve even more people in our community. With the addition of our second location in Gainesville, we’re able to provide our clients with a legal team who truly cares. It makes me happy that we can expand and help even more people. When I think about what’s led us here, I think about our clients, people like a husband whose wife was in another country and couldn’t come into the U.S. They’d been separated for years. Their son hadn’t seen his mother in so long. We took their case and fought. We helped them complete waivers, and after

I hope you have a happy holiday, and thank you for letting us share our good news with you.

–Keren Barrios

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