Immigration & Injury Attorneys Winter 2018

Looking for gift ideas that don’t break the bank but still show the special people in your life how much you care? Do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts are the way to go. Here are a few ideas to put together on a chilly night. Pull out your crafting supplies, turn on some holiday tunes, and get creative. BEST DIY GIFT IDEAS FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST


Every day, we meet with families from our community who come in to complete immigration paperwork. It’s our joy to reunite families; after all, we understand how powerful this is. And we are saddened when families are separated because they waited to file paperwork until their status expired. One way to avoid this is to begin your immigration paperwork now. If your current status is set to expire in the coming months or year, it’s not too early to begin gathering what you’ll need for an application. Processing times are taking longer than usual, and the government is finding reasons to deny applications without giving people a chance to provide additional information or fix errors. With the shift of immigration policies toward zero tolerance, organizing and double-checking that you’ve completed and signed everything on an immigration application is extra important. If you forget to sign something or send the wrong fee with your application, the government will reject it immediately. In addition to your application, the USCIS will most likely ask for supporting documents, something that proves information about you, like a marriage license to prove that a marriage is lawful. Because the USCIS also requires that supporting documents be in English, if you have a foreign birth certificate or other document in a foreign language, you may need to have these documents translated. English translations should include the date, signature, and address of the translator. This month, we’d like to invite you to meet with our attorneys at Immigration & Injury Law to complete your immigration paperwork. We encourage you to call us now and begin the process. Don’t wait for someone to separate you or your family members. Call Immigration & Injury Attorneys today and find out how Keren and Jorge can help you with your immigration matters. We are here to serve you and our community. This is where you matter. Resolve Immigration Issues Now WHY YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT TO FILE PAPERWORK

Aunties, uncles, and godparents will love a gift that incorporates their favorite little ones, and it’s a great way to get the kids in on the project. Choose some unadorned aprons from your local craft or home goods store and some acrylic paint in a variety of colors. Then get crafty! The kids can use their handprints as a starting point and add other decorations as they like. You can also find some fun ideas on the blog Little Page Turner, like painting a butterfly from your kids’ stamped footprints. Have fun with it!


You only need a mug and an oven-safe or porcelain marker to create this personalized gift. Use a mug you already own, or pick one up from the dollar store or thrift store, and get expressive! You could write a sweet or funny message (“but first, coffee” or “two shots, hold the chatter”) or list their favorite beverage (“coffee, no sugar” or “green tea”). Write something that makes them think of you, or create a simple drawing. Enjoy the artistic freedom as much as they’ll enjoy your thoughtful gift.


Utilize a map, a pair of scissors, some glue, and your memories of meaningful places to create this sentimental gift. Choose map locations that are meaningful to you and your special person — where you met, where you celebrated special moments, where you first lived — and cut them out in geometric or heart shapes. Then, glue the cutouts to a piece of matboard. You can add kind words at each point, or let the places explain themselves. Place in a frame and gift to your loved one. 2

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