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JULY 26 - JULY 28

USDA Inspected Whole Boneless Pork Loins 1 58 Lb.

2.25 To 4.5-Oz. Selected Oscar Mayer Lunchables .98 Cool And Crisp Dole Iceberg Head Lettuce .79 32-Oz. Bottle Hy•Top Vegetable Oil FREE BuyOne,GetOne 128-Oz., Selected Hawaiian Punch Fruit Drinks 1.47 Peanut Butter 1.97 52-Oz.,Grapefruit, Apple Or Selected Simply Orange Juice 1.97 14-Oz., Selected Nesquik Flavored Milk .77 6-Ct. Pet Ice Cream Sandwiches FREE BuyOne,GetOne Bakery Fresh! Selected 4-Count Creme Twirls 1.59 28-Oz.,Creamy Hy•Top

USDA Inspected Fresh Pork Spareribs 1 98 Lb.

Small Packs...Lb. $2.78 Family Pack Fresh 80% Lean Ground Chuck 2.28 Lb.

Sold In 10-Lb. Bag For $4.80 Fresh Fryer Leg Quarters .48 Lb.

Butcher’s Best® Tender Beef T-Bone Steaks 7.98


12 To 16-Oz., Selected Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon 3.98

White, Red Or Black Premium Seedless Grapes 1.68 Lb.

White,YellowOr Bi-Color “In The Husk” Tender Corn 6/$ 1 98 Ears

28-Oz.,Selected Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce 2 /$ 4 20-Oz. Upside Down Btl. Hy•Top Ketchup .67 2 /$ 4 22.6-Oz.,Classic Roast Folgers Coffee 5.97 48-Oz., Selected Pet Ice Cream 2 /$ 4 6-Big Roll,White Or Select-A-Size Bounty Essentials Paper Towels 4.97 5.97

16-Oz., Selected Ken’s Salad Dressing 2 /$ 4

16-Oz.SelectedMarinade Or Sweet Baby Ray’s BuffaloWing Sauce.....

Assorted Coke Products At Featured Price! 28.3 To 32.7-Oz. Selected Hy•Top Rising Crust Pizza 3.97 7.5 To 10-Oz., Selected Ruffles Or Doritos 2 /$ 5 75-Oz.Oxi Or 100-Oz. Selected Tide Simply Liquid Detergent 5.97

11 To 12.25-Oz., Selected Post Cereals FREE BuyOne,GetOne 12-Oz. Borden American Cheese Singles 2 /$ 4 12-Giant Rolls Charmin Essentials Bath Tissue 4.97

10-Ct.K-Cups Or 12-Oz.Selected Folgers 1850 Coffee.............................


926MontrealRd.,Clarkston, GA (twoblocksnorthofPonceDeLeon) STOREHOURS: MON.-SUN., 8AM ‘TIL8.30PM 7DAYSAWEEK Phone: (404)296-6493

visit our website: thriftown.mygalaxyfoods.com


PRICESGOODFROMJULY23THRUJULY29, 2018 We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities AndCorrect Typographical Errors. No Sales ToDealers.

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