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‘Crisis Interrupted: A Parent’s Guide to Residential Treatment for Children, Teens & Young Adults’

A NEW BOOK BY LUCY PRITZKER We are facing a mental health epidemic regarding our children. When a child or teen has serious mental health issues, it often feels like a revolving door of treatment, from outpatient therapy to a psychiatric hospital back to outpatient and then back to the hospital. Our families are in a chronic state of crisis and nothing will change until the crisis is interrupted. I know from my many years helping families that residential treatment often stops the cycle and everyone moves toward healing and health. Navigating the treatment process is a daunting task for anyone, and especially for a parent in the midst of a crisis. This guide helps normalize the experience so parents can make a plan. This guide will help parents understand: • How to navigate the complex world of residential treatment • Why some kids don’t need therapeutic placement • How to know if their child needs to be in a psychiatric hospital • How to identify when they need help from an educational consultant • How to get a resistant child to a program

• Why residential treatment works • What to expect while your child is in a residential program This succinct guide is for parents who need help now . They are in the biggest crisis of their lives and don’t have

time to read a tome. That’s why I’ve intentionally designed it to be clear, concise, and informational. I hope that parents and colleagues will find this guide useful. Mental health and education professionals have also shared that the guide has provided valuable information about residential options and how to support families making difficult decisions. Please share with anyone who might find support in it!

“Navigating the treatment process is a daunting task for anyone, and especially for a parent in the midst of a crisis.”


–Lucy Pritzker



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Meet Our Team of Experts!

Consultant Spotlights

ABOUT ELM STREET PLACEMENTS At Elm Street Placements, we are experts at evaluating the needs of children, teens, and young adults and matching them with the right program. We travel the country evaluating boarding schools, therapeutic wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, and assessment centers so you can be assured you are being referred to just the right fit. With decades of experience, our team of consultants specializes in working with the unique needs of adolescents and young adults. Read on for more about each of our education and therapeutic consultants!


1. Co-Founder of NET: Kathy, along with Lucy, co-founded Networking Educators and Therapists (NET) as a way to connect

professionals who support struggling families. By supporting therapists and

educators through educational events and opportunities, families are better able to get the help they need. 2. Advocate and Speaker: As a presenter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness

(NAMI) and co-chair of the County Sussex County Council (CSCC) for Young Children, Kathy is directly involved in bettering the lives of young people, both around the country through her consulting work and in her own neighborhood through her advocacy work. She also chairs the special needs committee for the CSCC for Young Children, which connects her with pediatricians, educators, and families countywide. 3. Experienced Consultant: Kathy is an Associate Member of IECA and has been helping children and families via therapeutic placements for years. As a seasoned educational and therapeutic consultant, Kathy has traveled to hundreds of programs to ensure she has firsthand knowledge of each one. She leads weekly parent support groups to further assist parents who are in crisis.


1. Founder and President at Elm Street Placements, Inc.: Elm Street Placements is an international educational and therapeutic placement consulting firm. Lucy and her dedicated team have supported and guided families from all over the world since 2010. They work tirelessly to find effective solutions for struggling families using best-fit schools and programs.

2. A Renowned, Trusted IECA Consultant: Lucy is part of a small number of educational and therapeutic professionals across the nation with the credentials and experience to advise parents of children with learning disabilities, substance abuse problems, mental health concerns, LGBTQ issues, and autism spectrum disorder. She has a master’s degree in addictions counseling and over 25 years’ experience with complex cases. Lucy is a member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) and is a member of the IECA board. 3. Speaker and Author: Lucy has been called upon to speak at national and professional conferences, parent programs, and public school workshops on a wide variety of mental health and educational issues. Lucy is a recognized autism placement expert and educates therapeutic professionals on the latest trends and options. Having visited hundreds of schools and programs personally, she knows the right treatments for every unique situation.


1. A Lifelong Educator: With nearly 40 years in schools, Fran has always been drawn to students who need some additional support. In the role of teacher, counselor, and administrator, she understands how to help students feel safe and secure. Fran is also a published author on this topic, sharing research on how to create antibullying climates in schools.

2. Targeted Audience: Fran has always worked with adolescents and young adults. Fran holds a master’s in counseling and a doctorate in educational leadership, making her uniquely qualified to serve teens and young adults. She has a unique network throughout NYC, which helps her find the right school for each client she works with. Fran is also an Associate Member of IECA. 3. Principal of a National Blue Ribbon School: Through Fran’s leadership as a principal, her middle school earned this honor that is bestowed upon exemplary schools nationwide. Her school was recognized as one of the best schools based on overall academic achievements. Under Fran’s leadership at this pilot school, they implemented a collaborative teaching model attuned to the social-emotional learning and school climate.



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What People Are Saying

“If you are experiencing this journey with your child or family member, this book does an incredible job walking you through the process. From potential questions or concerns —everything is addressed. Each family needs to recount that you are not alone and deserve the attention and direction. Lucy has the experience, wherewithal, and expertise to work with all types of families and backgrounds.”

“If you are considering residential treatment, whether your child is on the autism spectrum, struggling with depression and anxiety, or making very poor decisions, you must read this book. Lucy concisely describes the process, offers hope, and generously shares her expertise with parents who are facing incredibly hard decisions.”



“This desperately needed, extraordinarily helpful volume fills a necessary niche. Filled with the hard-won expertise of both professional and personal insight, Lucy will help you along your family’s critical journey. Mixing homespun wisdom with clinical insight, this book will be a gift to parents and professionals alike.” –DAVID ALTSHULER, MS AUTHOR OF ‘GET YOUR KID INTO THE RIGHT COLLEGE. GET THE RIGHT COLLEGE INTO YOUR KID’

“I had the good fortune to work with Lucy when my son was in crisis. I wish we had this book then. Lucy’s writing is clear and concise and walks you through how the residential treatment world works. I recommend this book as a must-read for any parent who is considering residential treatment for their child or beginning to consider working with an educational consultant. It will be your bible!”


“This book is a must-read for any parent or professional supporting a child or young adult who is struggling to cope despite outpatient treatment and school-based support. Lucy’s book reflects her years of experience with therapeutic placement for individuals with complex mental health, learning, neurodevelopmental, trauma, or addiction issues as well as her ability to communicate with clarity, wisdom, and compassion. ‘Crisis Interrupted’ is a lifeline for parents and a needed resource for mental health, education, and medical professionals.”




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A Letter From Lucy


Meet the Experts at Elm Street Placements


What People Are Saying


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