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‘Crisis Interrupted: A Parent’s Guide to Residential Treatment for Children, Teens & Young Adults’

A NEW BOOK BY LUCY PRITZKER We are facing a mental health epidemic regarding our children. When a child or teen has serious mental health issues, it often feels like a revolving door of treatment, from outpatient therapy to a psychiatric hospital back to outpatient and then back to the hospital. Our families are in a chronic state of crisis and nothing will change until the crisis is interrupted. I know from my many years helping families that residential treatment often stops the cycle and everyone moves toward healing and health. Navigating the treatment process is a daunting task for anyone, and especially for a parent in the midst of a crisis. This guide helps normalize the experience so parents can make a plan. This guide will help parents understand: • How to navigate the complex world of residential treatment • Why some kids don’t need therapeutic placement • How to know if their child needs to be in a psychiatric hospital • How to identify when they need help from an educational consultant • How to get a resistant child to a program

• Why residential treatment works • What to expect while your child is in a residential program This succinct guide is for parents who need help now . They are in the biggest crisis of their lives and don’t have

time to read a tome. That’s why I’ve intentionally designed it to be clear, concise, and informational. I hope that parents and colleagues will find this guide useful. Mental health and education professionals have also shared that the guide has provided valuable information about residential options and how to support families making difficult decisions. Please share with anyone who might find support in it!

“Navigating the treatment process is a daunting task for anyone, and especially for a parent in the midst of a crisis.”


–Lucy Pritzker



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