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Turn your city into a glowing holiday landscape with luminescent holiday décor that creates a magical atmosphere. From giant trees and wreaths to light pole decorations, our design team knows how to enhance your downtown streetscape and increase your 2020 holiday traffic.

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About our company.

At Downtown Decorations Inc., we strive to provide the highest quality of service and product. We like to call ourselves a design house with the capabilities to design, craft, fabricate, and install décor. We are a one-stop shop for all things commercial decorations and want to provide our clients with the full “5-star hotel, hang out in the spa and get room service” kind of experience. Now at Downtown Decorations, if you can’t already tell, we’re cuckoo for Christmas, but some are surprised to learn that our capabilities stretch beyond the holiday season to year-round projects. If you are looking for décor for spring, summer, or fall, or even to be the best-decorated city on National Tortilla Chip Day, don’t hesitate to call on us. We also are one of the leading producers of light pole banners, and like all aspects of our company, we provide customization on every level. If you can draw it, photograph it, or write it, we can print it. We work with cities, shopping centers, casinos, colleges, parks, and commercial centers, covering the United States, as well as dipping our toes into international waters. We offer a complete line of stock décor products for our customers to directly choose from, and while we love these bread and butter projects, our designers really revel in getting crazy in the kitchen. At Downtown Decorations, it’s not just about providing our clients with what they need; it’s about having fun and pushing boundaries. We love what we do! Contact us today to learn more.

Ted Peterson President

Turn your city into a glowing holiday landscape with luminescent holiday decor that creates a magical atmosphere. From giant trees and wreaths to light pole decorations, our design team knows how to enhance your downtown streetscape and increase holiday traffic. Grand Illumination

Magical Streetscapes Bring holiday magic to your downtown with light pole decorations and cross streets. Our product offering ranges from traditional lighted silhouettes to colorful modern designs with daytime effects.

Custom Design In-House designers and illustrators allow us the capability to create custom holiday characters unique to your space. For example, this handsome drummer was created to resemble the parade performers. The drummer also created a unique photo opportunity for visitors!

Enjoy the flexibility of changing colors and themes from season to season with RGB lighting. RGB lights can be programmed for full-color animation that will amaze your visitors. RGB Lighting

Portfolio While the size, scope and requirements of each new project are unique, we thought we’d show off a few of our past projects to give you a flavor for some of our capabilities, and perhaps even provide a little inspiration for your next project.

Cohesive Design Our design team loves creating fun interactive elements that work for your unique space. These interactive elements create a vast array of opportunities for fun holiday photos; allowing people to interact, be creative and share their experience on social media platforms.

Brighten Up Your Downtown

Banners are a great way to add color to your downtown. Downtown Decorations can print your existing designs and photographs, or you can work with our in-house design team to create a range of designs that fit your downtown needs. Our team is here to provide

information on banner design, sizing, accessories, hardware, and installation. To prevent banners from succumbing to the conditions, we produce ours with the highest quality fabrics and inks. With the best warranty on the market, we cover both defect and fading for three full years.

Promote Downtown Events

Celebrate the Arts

Highlight your City's History

Downtown Decorations has a long history of providing banners to cities across North America. With the highest quality banners on the market, we provide a wide variety of substrates to print on that accommodate both screen print and digital designs. Whether you want to highlight your city’s Banners with a Purpose

history or celebrate the arts, we are here to help. Downtown Decorations is a reliable source that enables you to order consistent quality banners and brackets. You can even create a line of interchangeable designs for your downtown that can be switched out depending on the season.

Create a Custom Series

CONTACT US 877-369-6332 309 Wavel Street Syracuse, NY 13 206

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