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Contact Information:  National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners  Ana Aponte‐Curtis Chairman  Baltimore, MD Visit Baltimore Account Director:  Laurie Nelson‐Choice


Company/Organizational Overview: Company/Organizational Overview: NCBMP is a member organization,  since 1983. Our purpose is to be the preeminent organization in educating African American association  executives and meeting planners in all aspects of the meeting planning profession such that, as a result,  NCBMP members will be able to (a) maximize a greater return on the meeting dollar investment for their  respective organizations, (b) effect positive change in the hospitality industry as it relates to African  Americans, and (c) become a voice in the hospitality industry on issues that affect the African American  community. NCBMP conference focuses on the educational advancement of association executives, meeting  planners and other meeting professionals through the shared information received at the conference; to  educate youth for the purpose of helping them to obtain careers in the hospitality industry, to stimulate  managerial opportunities in the hospitality industry for qualified African Americans Organization website: LinkedIn profile:‐aponte‐curtis‐3861463/

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