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The Prysmian Group is a €11.5 billion company operating in over 50 countries globally. It is the leader in the global cable industry. At the recent FTTH Council Europe exhibition, Peter Dykes talked to Philippe Vanhille, Prysmian

Group’s executive vice president of telecom business about the company and the market in which it plays. THE VIEW FROM PRYSMIAN Staying

OC Where does Prysmian sit in the global cable market? PV It’s a very fragmented market in which we are comfortably number one, making and selling all kinds of cables from the very basic building wiring to very sophisticated links for power and data etc. Inside this activity, I’m in charge of the telecom part of the group, everything relating to telecom is my responsibility and that activity is about three things: developing and selling solutions for the external network plant for telcos including cables, boxes and connectivity hardware. Then there is the indoor side. We can split these two things because the indoor is for local area networks and inside data centres. As such it is a completely different segment. In both these areas, we sell traditional copper products as well as optical products of course, always one of the two or both, depending on the customer’s requirements. PV To sustain all this, one key element is to have the fibre- making technology. Compared to copper, making fibre is another world because making fibre is making a glass wire with some plastic around it, a very thin kind of hair, and for that, very few companies have the technology. Prysmian is one of the very few owners OC How has Prysmian managed to gain its market leadership?

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| ISSUE 17 | Q2 2019

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