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A brief guide to staff benefits at Hope Healthcare

Benefits Guide Hope recognizes the importance and value of a robust compensation package. Because we care about you, we continuously strive to provide exceptional benefit programs as showcased in this brief overview. Regardless of your individualized situation, Hope has products and services to support the unique needs of your household. Our benefit plans are always evolving. Hope’s Human Resources Department will provide you with the most up-to-date information. Our staff members are ready to answer all of your questions and make your benefits experience convenient and worry-free.

Inside this Guide:  Health Benefits

 Life & Disability Benefits  Tax Advantaged Accounts  Pet, Legal, and Auto Insurance

 Education Benefits  Life Enhancements Key to Coverage:

1 : Coverage begins the first day of the month following two months of eligible employment 2 : Coverage begins the first day of the month following three months of eligible employment 3 : Includes coverage for domestic partners and their children 4 : May continue after employment

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Health Benefits Medical Insurance including Rx coverage 1, 3, 4 • Generous plans ensure your health and wellbeing • Choice of two options with Florida Blue • Low rates; varies based on income level and dependents covered as outlined below Bi-Weekly Rates

Vision Plan 1, 3, 4 • Your choice from two VSP plans • Low-cost access to high-quality eye care • Staff-paid benefit can provide coverage for your entire family • Highlights include $10 co-pay for eye exam, $25 co-pay on discounted lenses and frames Allstate Supplemental Plans 1, 4 • Optional value-added supplemental insurance • Covers deductibles, loss of earning power, and other out-of- pocket expenses associated with illness or accident • Allstate pays cash benefits directly to you • Some plans may provide wellness benefits or domestic partner coverage too • Rates locked in at time of purchase – will not increase with age Life & Disability Benefits Short Term Disability (STD) 2 • Paid for by Hope at no cost to you, ensuring wage replacement for illness/injury • Receive 50% of wages, up to $1,500 per week • Benefit begins on 15 th day of disability for up to 180 days; coordinates with LTD for continuous coverage when applicable Long Term Disability (LTD) 2 • Paid by Hope at no cost to you • Receive up to 50% of wages, to a maximum of $8,000 per month • Benefit begins after 180 days of disability and continues through disability or until normal retirement age Hope-Sponsored Group Life Insurance 2, 4 • Paid by Hope at no cost to you • $25,000 coverage plus Accidental Death & Dismemberment. Benefits reduce at ages 65, 70, 75 • Voluntary Life Insurance 2,4,5 may be purchased for yourself and your dependents with guarantee issue on initial enrollment

*Level 1: Under $50K Income *Level 2: $50K - $100K Income *Level 3: Over $100K Income

EO: Employee Only ES: Employee and Spouse

EC: Employee and Children EF: Employee and Family

BlueOptions HDHP

BlueCare HMO $39.14 $167.30 $152.04 $250.04 $94.52 $222.68 $207.42 $305.43 $102.40 $241.24 $224.71 $330.88

Blue Dental Choice Plus Paid 100%

$21.00 $96.17 91.21 $181.52 $52.94 $124.19 $119.23 $209.55 $57.35 $134.54 $129.17 $227.01


$11.52 $11.52 $18.94 $2.47 $13.99 $13.99 $21.41 $3.09 $17.49 $17.49 $26.76






Dental Insurance 1, 3, 4 • Excellent PPO plan with Florida Combined Life • Out-of-network benefits with flexibility to see any dentist • Preventative care from in-network providers covered at 100% EO: Employee Only ES: Employee and Spouse EC: Employee and Children EF: Employee and Family





Full Time

Paid 100% $11.52

$11.52 $18.94 $13.99 $21.41 $17.49 $26.76 $21.86 $33.45

32 Hours/Week $2.47 24 Hours/Week $3.09 20 Hours/Week $3.86

$13.99 $17.49 $21.86

Long Term Care Insurance 1, 4 • Group discount for staff-paid plan • Provides a financial buffer for ongoing personal assistance after accident, injury, or aging • Coverage for care at home or in a facility – for a few months or a few years • Available on a guaranteed issue basis on initial enrollment • No medical underwriting requirements, except for lifetime extension of coverage • Parents, siblings, and adult children may purchase coverage at group rates by providing evidence of insurability • Rates locked in at time of purchase – will not increase with age Tax Advantage Accounts Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 1 • Set aside money on a pre-tax basis for IRS eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses • Staff may contribute up to $3,050 for 2023 • Optional debit card for convenient access to funds Dependent Day Care 1 • Set aside money on a pre-tax basis for your day care expenses • Coverage for children under the age of 13 and/or adult day care for parents/grandparents if listed as a dependent on your federal tax return Health Savings Account (HSA) 1, 4 • Set aside money on a pre-tax basis for medical, dental, vision expenses and certain coverage premiums • Available to eligible staff enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) • Staff with single coverage may contribute up to $3,850 in 2023 • Staff with dependent coverage may contribute up to $7,750 in 2023 • Staff age 55 or older may contribute an additional $1,000 per year Retirement Plans 403(b) Plan: Individual Contribution • Begin this important benefit on your first day • Automatic enrollment on day 30 for staff without an election/declination on file

• Contributions set up on a pre-tax basis • Annual contribution up to $22,500, in 2023 • Additional $7,500 can be contributed by staff age 50 and older • Choose from a variety of investment funds - including a professional money manager • You may change investment options daily • Empower’s helpful quarterly reports help you track your progress Retirement Plan: Hope Contribution • Discretionary contribution determined annually by Hope’s Board of Directors • Eligibility starts January 1 or July 1 after one year of employment for staff working at least 1,000 hours • Vest at 20% per year; 100% vested after five years of participation Pet, Legal, Identity Protection & Auto Insurance Pet Insurance 4 • Optional coverage paid through payroll deduction for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets • Covers services like diagnostic tests, x-rays, prescriptions, office calls, lab fees, surgeries, and hospitalizations • Premiums based on age, type of animal, and coverage selected Legal Shield 4 • Optional membership provides access to legal advice, letters and calls on your behalf, legal document review, and standard will preparation • Coverage available for the entire family Allstate Identity Protection 4 • Defend yourself from today’s risks • Financial account and credit monitoring • 24/7 alerts and fraud recovery • Control your personal data with the Allstate Digital Footprint SM privacy management tool Auto Insurance 4 • Receive group savings on auto insurance and AAA Auto Club membership

Education Benefits Continuing Education Credits • Free classes – both online and in-person • Convenient options to fulfill CE requirements like AIDS, Alzheimer’s, and Medical Errors • Specialized courses available in hospice, palliative care, and complementary topics Educational Assistance Program • Eligible staff may receive up to $2,500 per year for expenses related to job-related degrees or courses • Paid out at 50% of your tuition, books, and lab fees for job-related courses • PCS, LPN, or RN candidates are reimbursed at 100% • Passing grade of 2.0 or greater will qualify for this wonderful benefit Life Enhancements Paid Time Off (PTO) • PTO begins accruing on your first day of employment • Your PTO can be used immediately • Receive 0.10 hours of accrual for each hour worked for up to 26 days in your first year • Accrual rates will increase through years of employment • Maximum potential of 36 days PTO per year • Holidays are included in your PTO account Direct Deposit • Convenient benefit includes the flexibility of choosing to deposit your paycheck into a checking account, savings account, or both • Direct deposit is available to any financial institution • Debit cards are available for staff unable to open a bank account Career Wear • First impressions are lasting – presenting a polished, professional image helps instill confidence in the people we serve • Embroidered Hope Career Wear garments are provided at no cost and/or discounted rates

Perks and Discounts • A variety of special offers are available • Examples include discounted theme park tickets, services, and resources Staff Recognition • Hope greatly values your contributions to our charitable mission • We recognize and celebrate employment anniversaries and special occasions Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • Provided at no cost to help with life’s challenges • Completely confidential assessment, treatment, referral, and follow-up services • Support is provided by a professional, external counseling service • Get expert help for personal challenges that may otherwise disrupt life Occupational Health • Screenings and required immunizations such as TB, COVID-19, and Hepatitis B provided at no cost Hope’s Occupational Health nurses serve as your point of contact for work-related injuries or contagious illnesses

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