Creating Futures—CWU Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Unifying Value: Student Success Central Washington University creates pathways for students of all backgrounds to reach their academic and professional goals. Through providing a supportive learning environment, faculty and staff inspire students to become engaged professionals, active citizens, and lifelong learners.

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Goal 2

Develop clear pathways into and through the university to ensure equitable access to higher education, enhance student engagement and success, and improve retention and graduation rates. Initiative 1.1: Increase enrollment through the development and implementation of a relational recruitment model integrated with clearly branded marketing. Initiative 1.2: Increase retention rates of new freshman students, closing equity gaps. Initiative 1.3: Analyze completion rates by course and overall graduation rates, using disaggregated data for different demographic groups, and close equity gaps in student success. Initiative 1.4: Working with high schools and community colleges, develop clear pathways into the university to provide equitable and inclusive enrollment practices and graduation attainment. Initiative 1.5: Map inclusive, evidence-based and pedagogically sound High Impact Practices (HIPs) to our academic and student engagement programs in a developmental way throughout a student’s journey.

Elevate culturally sustaining practices so that the cultural wealth that historically excluded students, faculty, and staff bring to our university community is integrated into the learning environment. Initiative 2.1: Develop and implement a comprehensive faculty development program that focuses on inclusive pedagogy, culturally responsive teaching practices, and designing curricula that incorporate diverse perspectives and experiences. Initiative 2.2: Develop workshops and seminars for staff to advance culturally sustaining practices in student engagement and success programming.

Elevate the holistic well-being of our students. Initiative 3.1: Establish the Culture of Respect Leadership Council and implement the CWU Safe Work Group recommendations. Initiative 3.2: Increase awareness and utilization of student health and wellness support services. Initiative 3.3: Support and expand access to basic needs, including establishing a resource coordinator dedicated to assisting students experiencing food and housing insecurity. Initiative 3.4: Expand access to financial literacy and financial coaching services for all students through a partnership between the Financial Wellness Center, the Center for Financial Planning and Well- Being, and academic programs.

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