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SUPPLIER REPORTS 2021 (PART 6) ABSOLUTE Huddersfield, UK: Antony Whiteside reports, “I don’t think it’s a surprise to any of BCN’s readers to say that 2020

shrink the footprint of InkSave to make it compatible with a wider range of equipment. This was really successful, and resulted in a 25 percent size reduction, which makes InkSave applicable to ‘mini’ machines such as Bobst 618’s, EMBA 170 and 175’s and any other equipment where space around the ink station is at a premium, such as a Bobst Transline. “This immediately produced a P.O. from a major Inte- grated who is a longstanding customer for Absolute. It also attracted attention from several OEM customers, who have now started purchasing InkSave technology for their new equipment offerings. By the end of Q1 sales of Ink- Save exceeded sales for the whole of 2019. That feels like an opportunity we grabbed with both hands…

didn’t really progress in the way the Absolute Team anticipated, however as with all change, it presented both issues and opportunities. Innovation is the norm at Absolute, and 2020 was no different. Reacting to our Industry’s focus on continuous im- provement of Green Credentials, we

Antony Whiteside

have continued to evolve InkSave, our ink-loss minimiz- ing ink circuit washup system. We completed a project to

“One of the strengths of Absolute is our ability to install and service our equipment worldwide using only our own Specialist Technicians. It’s a resource that is expensive to build and expensive to maintain, however it ensures our customers have access to a high degree of technical ability in Absolute’s range of products, and knowledge of flexography. “During 2020 this resource really came to the fore in The Americas. Regardless of the issues with COVID, our team continued to support customers across the continent. This service went from live streaming of the mea- sure up process, where our Technicians were at the machine, working alongside a Design Specialist at Absolute HQ, who was reviewing the video while comparing it to our 10,000 in- stallation archive of 3D projects. This partner- ship allowed us to complete designs without interruption, before manufacturing the com- ponents in-house and then installing at the customers plant. Other customers who need- ed support in regions like Canada and Mexi- co also had this resource at their disposal, as did existing customers who needed technical service support or just additional training for new recruits. “Of course, the core product of Absolute remains our original woven carbon fiber ink- ing beams. UniBlade single blade systems remain hugely popular within The Americas, however customers are increasingly specify- ing our dual blade chambers. We believe this is because there are increasing numbers of aging Bobst and Gopfert equipment that was originally supplied with a dual blade system, and that now requires upgrading to an ink re- pelling material with a tool-free, quick-change

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March 8, 2021

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