Board Converting News, March 8, 2021

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blade and seal system. Having supplied systems in The Americas for over 20 years, we have a track record in com- pleting these upgrades reliably, and supporting them over the long term, after all they come with a 15 year warranty! “So if you have a tired ink circuit on your post printer that doesn’t optimize ink loss and washup, or maybe you are buying new equipment and want the inker to be class leading, its worth discussing! If its an existing line, there’s a 99% chance we already have it in our archive, and if its new, we may well be supplying your prospective OEM al- ready! Let’s talk.” Email BOBST Roseland, New Jersey: Brian Kentopp reports, “BOBST, as a leading supplier of printing and converting equipment

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in the packaging industry, found 2020 to be one with many chal- lenging changes. Workdays in the office were altered to working from home. Those of us that historically traveled weekly, went from frequent flier miles to Zoom memberships. Yet through the changes, and the list is

Brian Kentopp

long, BOBST reflects on a very successful year in both the folding carton and corrugated segments of the business.



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March 8, 2021

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