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THE SMALL JOYS OF Back-to-School

s we get closer and closer to back-to-school day, the kids are grumbling more and more about the upcoming semester. But, ever the optimist, I actually look forward to the end of summer these days. Not because I don’t enjoy getting some extra time with my family and taking a vacation or two — for those reasons, summer’s one of the best times of the year! — but because it gives us all a chance to get back into our routines. I’m a sucker for the little, ordinary pleasures of the everyday, and the school year offers those in spades. Of course, just as it is for my kids, the end of summer vacation was always a sad time when I was growing up. It’s funny, though — looking back, I was one of those kids that actually enjoyed school, and though I’d complain a bit when

it came time to go back to the classroom, it also came with a ton of benefits. You got a chance to see all your friends again, and sports started back up. I suspect that I liked the fall more than I ever let on back then. It’s no surprise that I’m a physical therapist today, because I was always into those kinds of subjects growing up. Anatomy, physiology, the sciences — I could learn about the minutiae of the human body and its mechanics for hours on end. Back then, I didn’t know I’d be in this career, but it’s funny looking back and realizing how everything adds up and makes sense in the end. Today, my favorite part of back-to- school is probably my kids’ least favorite part: Every morning, as I get up and get ready for work, I get the opportunity to check on everyone who’s still zonked out and gently nudge them awake. During the summer, the kids will sleep in for hours, and those mornings are often pretty quiet, but the school season is a lot livelier. Somehow, my son is usually out the door before 7 a.m. now, but my daughter and I will often have breakfast together, followed by a quick jog with her

and my wife. Honestly, there’s simply no better way to wake up in the morning, even if my daughter would rather sleep until 10 o’clock and miss school altogether. You might say I get a little enjoyment out of their misery — classic morning person behavior! No matter what season it is, I always find a lot to look forward to. Business is good, my family is doing well, and all of us are as happy and healthy as ever. Sometimes it’s nice to take a second and actually take stock of all of this. I’m just grateful to have a job I enjoy doing every day, a family whom I love, and a reason to wake up in the morning, energetic as ever.

-Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



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