Period 3 New Lines & Focus 2020

New Products & Focus Period 3 2020 Highlights

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New Products We bring you and your customers a selection of our latest new products from some of the biggest brands in the UK market! From KitKat Gold to J2O Spritz, why not top-up your ROCS order with a new and exciting purchase?

KitKat 4 Finger Gold 41.5g 27 Per Case 1022609

Cadbury Old Jamaica 180g 18 Per Case 1022608

Walls Magnum Double Chocolate & Strawberry Ice Cream 264ml 10 Per Case 2028035

Walkers Max Double Crunch Cheese And Onion 65g (Note: Pricemarked pack) 15 Per Case 1048689

Doritos Flamin’ Hot Tangy Cheese 150g 12 Per Case 1031957

Walkers Max Double Crunch Chicken And Chorizo 140g 9 Per Case 1048692

Wotsits Flaming Hot 6 Pack 12 Per Case 1067120

Peperami Chicken Bites 50g 6 Per Case 3354125

Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria Poppin’ Popcorn Ice Cream 500ml 8 Per Case 2024829

J20 Spritz 4 Pack 6 Per Case 1064436

Monster Ultra Paradise 500ml 12 Per Case 1058745

Did you know, eco-friendly cleaning brands have grown 20.4% in the last year?* Thanks to social media cleaning stars, the category is more popular than ever, so don’t miss out on this fantastic sales opportunity! To view and order more products from our full cleaning range, please visit ROCS at .

Cif Bathroom Spray 700ml 6 Per Case 1099508

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 27 Per Pack 5 Per Case 1085783

Windolene Glass & Shiny Surfaces 30 Wipes 10 Per Case 1085753

Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 300ml 12 Per Case 1085820

Ariel Washing Liquid Colour HD 1.33L 38 Washes 3 Per Case 1091025

Febreze Air Freshener Spray Cotton Fresh 300 ML 6 Per Case 1085174

Dettol Power and Pure Bathroom Wipes, Pack of 32 9 Per Case 1085522

Harpic Hygienic Toilet Block Citrus & Grapefruit Splash 2 x 40g 6 Per Case 1085652

Lenor Fabric Conditioner With Spring Awakening 2.905L 83 Washes 4 Per Case 1085744

Fairy Fabric Conditioner Original 2.905L 83 Washes 4 Per Case 1085743

*Source: Nielsen 52 w/e 8 October 2019

For more information please contact your Customer Service Export Advisor or a member of our sales team:

+44(0) 1472 315 610 Adam Smith Street, Grimsby, DN31 1SJ, United Kingdom

Find over 24,000 more products on ROCS!

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