Church Records and Minutes; 1956-1986

We must concentrate on the Inner City. We are physically surrounded by numbers of unchurched folk who come from Protestant backgrounds. Our major concern should be to provide a full ministry to them. We want Delaware to be the focal center of Christian leadership in our community. We have the great big, beautiful building, well staffed, but the message of Christ must make an impact on the community or we fail. ♦ Specifically we need to consider expansion of some facilities to help meet the needs of the community. One great need is more parking space. The lower area of the Church needs to be developed for recreational use by the community and by our own folk from youth to Senior Citizens with a unit separate from the Church area. There are many elderly people in the area who need the friendliness of this kind of a meeting place. Here is the opportunity to do a pioneer work not now done by any group. The needs are quite different from those of the suburban church. After the singing of all four stanzas of "Bless Be the Tie That Binds" Mr. Zear- foss pronounced the benediction. 9:20 P.M. Respectfully submitted, /s/Helen B. Frost, Clerk

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