2017 EY WRWC 'High Performance' program FAQ sheet

2017 EY WRWC ‘High Performance’ program Frequently Asked Questions

Why does EY want to hire Female World Cup Rugby Players? There is overwhelming data that supports a strong correlation between competing in elite sport and success in the business world. Female athletes in the workplace are driven by passion and purpose and that is precisely who we want to join our ranks! We feel you have a lot to offer and that our people can learn from your experiences and skills as well. We have every confidence that female athletes will be able to thrive in our collaborative work environment and help us to Build a Better Working World. What is the EY WRWC ‘High Performance’ program? The EY WRWC ‘High Performance’ program is just one of many programs the firm has to support women inside and outside of EY. The goal is to offer elite female athletes a pathway to a new career in business by affording them the opportunity to build a new set of skills and experiences that will help them in their career transition. The program has to date introduced athletes into EY in six locations globally: United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and Australia. What is ACT’s role in the selection process? ACT, with the support of EY, are conducting a search and selection process to identify female World Cup rugby players to be inducted into a unique, global EY WRWC ‘High Performance’ program starting in October 2017. What is the criteria for selection into the program?

In order to be considered for the program this year, the athletes must be: 1. Selected in the 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup National Squad. 2. Considering their long term professional life after the Rugby World Cup. 3. Available to start the Part-time/Full time role in October 2017. When will final selections be made? Final selection for the program will be made before August 1st, 2017. When will with the program start? The program will start October 2017. Is there flexibility with the start date? Yes. Some flexibility is possible and we can assess on a case-by-case basis. Will I be part of a larger group of athletes on this program?

You will likely be the only athlete in your country on the program. However, it is possible that EY will staff more than one athlete per country. The program will be running in numerous countries and we will connect you with your peers globally. How will I be matched to an EY business group? You will be working in the same business group as your country’s Partner sponsor for this program.

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