2021 MILA Product Catalog



Dispensing Pins

• Save time and money. • P uncture bag stopper or vial only once for multiple withdrawals or injections. • All are needle-free. Operate with any syringe. • P IN1 clamps onto the vial, eliminates pulling against a vacuum, and extends the life of the vial medication because all incoming air is filtered . Use on 20mm and 28mm vials. • P IN3 greatly speeds up the process of filling syringes from a bag. The bag is punctured only once with the spike, thereby extending the life of the fluids when withdrawing from the bag through the needle-free adapter, rather than through a needle. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE ClampingVial Spike with Needle-FreeValve and Filtered Inlet Vent PIN1 $3.50 Vial Spike with Needle-FreeValve PIN2 $2.25 IV Bag Access with Needle-FreeValve PIN3 $2.00

•  Two 'D' shaped lumens for optimal, high blood flow rates. • S oft polyurethane catheter designed to minimize catheter kinking. • F lexible tip design for ease of placement and to minimize risk of vascular trauma. • S ilicone extension lines for improved durability during repeated clamping. • S taggered exit ports designed to reduce recirculation. • M oveable clamp allows for anchorage at the incision site, regardless of catheter indwell length. • Rotating suture wing. DESCRIPTION ITEM# PRICE 7Fr x 16cm (6.3in) HDL716 $55.00 8Fr x 16cm (6.3in) HDL816 $55.00 12Fr x 16cm (6.3in) HDL1216 $55.00 12Fr x 25cm (10in) HDL1225 $55.00




Vented Vial Adapter

• 9 9.99% protection against aerosols and vapors. • L ow residual. • Multi-use with drip-free connector. • V ented with dual pathway non-coring plastic spike and pressure equalization with 0.2 micron one way filter. • 0 .10ml priming volume. DESCRIPTION


PRICE $3.25 $3.00 $4.00

13mmvial 20mmvial 28mmvial


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